Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1 Review

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been awhile again and I’ll initially apologize then get straight into it, since even though I’ve been swamped with life and planning for my upcoming month abroad, I still want to type up what I’ve been loving (or hating). I’m hoping to schedule a few posts that will come up when I’m overseas 😀

When the big hype of micellar waters came about I was personally a little hesitant since they honestly looked like expensive bottles of water. After humming it over in my head and reading all the fabulous reviews of the Bioderma one, I ventured into Priceline to pick some up and found out that a tiny bottle of the stuff was $30 and since I’d never tried this type of product I needed to try a cheaper alternative. One of the staff members suggested the Garnier one and after reading that it removed makeup and was soothing, I was anxious to try it out myself, the fact that it came in a huge bottle was also a big selling point.

As I’m typing this post I’m on my second bottle of the stuff, and there has never been a skincare product I’ve repurchased!!!! I’m not gonna blurt out that this product is some sort of holy grail since it doesn’t particularly do anything extra for my skin, but as a makeup remover/light facial cleanser it totally takes the prize.

I found that Garnier really found a way to remove makeup in the simplest form, and doesn’t have any weird extras like perfume. For example, I had been previously using an Elizabeth Arden makeup remover I got for Christmas and it was alright but left a slimy residue on my face and the smell was a little too much for me and I would also have to use and excess of 3-4 cotton pads just to get everything off. In regards to the Garnier one, I use one saturated cotton pad per half of my face and occasionally I use one extra all over if I was wearing heavy makeup. Side note; I have extremely sensitive eyes due to an incident in middle school and I found that even when this stuff got in my eye (on rare occasions) there would be no irritation.

Personally I would recommend this to everyone’s sister, mother and brother !!!! The makeup remover is strong but the cleanser part of this product is extremely light, but does a decent job to make me feel refreshed even if I’m not taking any makeup off.

What’s your go to makeup remover/cleanser?

Priceline Haul – Skincare & Makeup

Hello Lovelies,

It is such a surprise that I had a little bit of money left over from the weekend and naturally decided to actually go to Priceline and get a few essentials. Lately my skin has gone haywire, I won’t go into too much detail, but it’s pretty crazy. I tried to avoid changing around any of my skincare products and now I’m running low on most skincare essentials. I heard a lot of rave about the St. Ives Apricot Scrub and I’m sincerely hoping that my skin doesn’t reject it since it smells nice and is relatively cheap. With the Formula 10.0.6 moisturizer I honestly wanted to spice it up a bit because all my moisturizers from the last couple months have been specifically for seborrheic dermatitis (which is unfortunately the crazy, haywire skincare and scalp condition I’ve been battling) and I really wanted a change. Previously I’ve bought from this brand so I hope all goes well.

Lately I’ve been a slacker when it comes to replacing mascaras, I’m aware that they only last about 6 months but I refuse to go buy a new one. I really couldn’t turn down Maybelline’s Great Lash since it was only $6.50!!!!! The matte maker is a new powder from Maybelline and I hope it holds up from their Stay Matte powder, since that was so amazing at doing it’s job, I have to say that off the bat the packaging is a lot nicer.

Can’t wait to start using these little lovelies and let you all know how they fair with my face 😀

What have you bought recently?

Sheet Masks Vs. Mud Masks – #2014BloggerChallenge

 Skincare isn’t just for cleaning, in my opinion, it’s also to treat the skin and one of the best ways to treat your face is by using a mask. I haven’t tried many but I own and have tried two types of masks and both have their pros and cons. Of course these are subject to the two products mentioned, which are the Beauty Diary Black Pearl Masks and the Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mud Mask.

Beauty Diary Black Pearl Masks
These are a little interesting, I had heard them raved about by beauty YouTubers and thought that when I went to Asia I’d pick some up. I actually got to try one when I was still traveling and well it honestly felt like a pro facial, I’ll admit I did look a little strange though. The Black Pearl Mask specifically targets dehydrated skin and contains deep sea red algae and mallow extracts to restore the natural moisture in the face. These are sheet masks, so when you open the little sachet you pull out a folded sheet that resembles (I say that lightly) a face. They leave space for your eyes and mouth and have tabs to pull over your ears. The sheet is soaked in the product and therefore they are a little runny and there is a potential of them getting a little messy. It’s suggested to leave them on for 20-30 minutes, so it’s perfect if you’re watching tv. The time frame is a little longer than other masks, but the results are amazing! My skin feels so replenished and soft and I instantly want to do it again!

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure Mask
I got this beauty a while back and have tried it a handful of times. It mainly targets clogged pores and eliminating impurities in the skin. The smell is amazing, since it has strawberry and yarrow in it. With this mask you apply a thin layer of the product over the face and then let it sit for 10-15 mins. During this time the product hardens up on your face and it feels so incredibly weird, since you can hardly move your face! After that you follow up with a warm water rinse and then finish with some moisturizer (if that’s your thing) since this targets clarifying and doesn’t replenish any moisture.

Both types of masks are brilliant and each types will have masks that suit different skin concerns. The Black Pearl Masks are great for rehydrating but suck up a lot of time whereas the Pores be Pure one is wonderful at unclogging pores and it relatively quick and simple. So if you’re time pressured I’d suggest a mud mask, but for a real treat; sheet masks are a luxury.

What do you do to treat your skin? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Updated Skin Care Routine – #Blogmas

It’s been a couple of months since I featured my daily skincare routine, so I thought I would show an updated version. As the months have gotten warmer I’ve also cut down on the amount of products and have been focusing on just keeping my face clean.

My routine is very simple and since I tend to be a tad lazy when it comes to my skin I thought this routine was perfect.

  1. If I’m wearing makeup I use makeup wipes to remove all the makeup. Currently I’m using the Nivea Pure and Natural ones.
  2. I then wet my face and use Formula 10.0.6’s Best Face Forward Cleanser all over my face. It’s not harsh and feels great on my skin, I also love the smell which is passionfruit and green tea. Once I’ve finished cleansing my face I rinse with water.
  3. Every second day (normally coincides with the day I wash my hair) I use Formula 10.0.6’s One Smooth Operator Scrub. I have been loving this scrub it makes my skin feel so polished and smells great too. I dry my face after rinsing with water.
  4. With a cotton pad I put a little of Clinique’s Anti-Blemish Toner all around my face, focusing on the areas which need more attention, such as my t-zone. This would have to be the first toner that I used that didn’t make my skin feel as if it’s on fire.
  5. To moisturize I use the YestoCucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer and I can’t express in words how much I love this product, I will probably cry when it runs out. I love everything about it, the texture, smell and it also sinks into my skins quite quickly and isn’t sticky at all.

So all though it’s short and sweet, this is my new skincare routine and I can say that it definitely does the job!

What’s your skincare routine like? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂
xoxo – Happy Holidays 

LUSH Christmas Wishlist

Recently I noticed that Lush has released it’s Christmas collection and after skimming their website, I’ve compiled a small little list of some of the items I would love to get or to give for the upcoming Christmas season.

1. Sikkim Girls Body Lotion

“Fragranced with ‘Sikkim Girls’ from Gorilla Perfumes, this decadent cream will perfume the skin like no other. Jasmine flowers infused with vanilla pods and Darjeeling tea creates the soothing base.  Unpreserved and beautifully rich, creamy butters and hemp oil nourish your skin while Tuberose, Jasmine and Frangipani essential oils entice others closer.  A sexy, nourishing cream that will leave you feeling seduced after the bath or shower.” – LUSH Cosmetics

2. Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser

“You can use this cleanser for your face and body – it’s gentle enough to polish and buff your skin all over. It’s scented with Pia’s popcorn perfume that’s in the sugary lip scrub of the same name. It’s smoothing and soothing and ever so slightly warming on the skin.” – LUSH Cosmetics

3. Sandy Santa

“Keep your skin looking and feeling amazing with this limited edition sugar scrub.  This year it’s even more beneficial for the skin, with added coconut oil and butters, such as murumuru and organic shea butter, to intensely moisturise.  Sugar and sand add the gentle polishing effect.  Fragranced with toning Brazilian orange oil as a nod to his exotic inspiration – the sand sculptures on Copacabana beach!” – LUSH Cosmetics

4. Angel’s Delight Soap (I really wanna get my hands on this one!)

“If you’re a fan of the popular Angel’s Delight dessert then you’ll love this classic Lush soap.  A yummy pink soap, adorned with stars, moons and all things glittery – tangerine oil, orange oil and gardenia oil provide the sweet, jelly baby fragrance and also really work to cleanse, refresh and detox the skin” – LUSH Cosmetics

5. Snow Fairy Shower Gel (And this one too!)

“No bathroom would be complete this Christmas without a bottle of Lush’s fruity, sugary and sparkly Snow Fairy shower gel.       

Candyfloss pink and with a sweet, magical scent of soothing and comforting vanilla, the flecks of blue glitter leave you shimmering.  Wash your hair and body with this sparkling seasonal must-have.” – LUSH Cosmetics

6. Celebrate Body Lotion

“Celebrate the festive season with this beautiful unpreserved hand and body lotion.  Rich and wonderfully emollient, the cocoa butter and almond oil will replenish and moisturise your skin, while the intoxicating cocktail inspired fragrance uplifts your spirits.  Brazilian orange oil and lime oil tones the skin and lifts you out of the winter blues while cognac oil gets you into the party mood.” – LUSH Cosmetics

Here’s where you can check out their Christmas Collection!
Would love to know your picks, wishes and wants!

DIY or DFY Beauty TAG

(Image property of Vanity Rouge)
So I saw this new TAG over at The Happy Sloth and I thought it was such a cool idea as well as good way to share what I do myself and what I don’t. DIY if you weren’t aware stands for Do It Yourself and DFY stands for Done For You. Let’s get into the categories!
1. Brows
Suprise! I’ve never had my brows done by someone else before and I learnt off the internet. I have considered getting them done for special occasions but never got around to it. My eyebrows are somewhat sensitive so I like the fact that I’m in control of all the plucking motions. DIY for me!
2. Hair
Personally I’m a little bit in between the two, but I am definitely leaning more towards DFY mainly due to the many fails I’ve had when I’ve done stuff to my hair. A couple months ago I cut my own hair, and to be honest it was a big mistake I should’ve just gone to a salon.
3. Mani/Pedi
An infant could count the number of times I’ve had someone else do my nails; Once! It was for a special spa deal when I was on a cruise and to be honest there wasn’t much difference from when I do it myself, except my cuticles hurt. DIY all the way!
4. Body Hair Removal
I’ve considered getting it done at a salon, but never had the guts! So I’ve always done it myself. In my personal opinion if I was to get any of my body waxed, I would go to a salon, but I can shave my legs fine with a razor. I also think that this kinda varies in regard to which body area you are wanting to remove hair, let’s say it was a more delicate area (we all know what I’m talking about) I would definitely consider going to a salon since I wouldn’t want to mess it up! So this is undecided it’s a bit of both.
5. Makeup for a special Occasion
Half the reason I enjoy going to special occasions is the ritual of getting all dolled up so DIY all the way. I love creating a new look for a different occasion, it’s half the fun.
6. Skincare
Even when my skin was at it’s worse, I still preferred the routine and the control I get with getting to mix and match different items from varying brands so once again it’s DIY.
Alrighty, I TAG anybody and everyone who reads this! Would love to
see your responses!

Haul Time – Fashion, Makeup and Skincare

I believe I’d been a good little ducky the last couple of weeks with my finances and decided to go shopping. Although I could’ve been better with my saving and actually bought some high end products, I caved and bought a handful of stuff from Priceline. I’m also attending a 21st on the weekend and used that as an excuse to purchase a new dress.

I’d seen a handful of the Formula 10.0.6 products floating around the blogosphere and wanted to try them out. I really just wanted the cleanser but Priceline was having a deal where I could get all three for $19 and well, I just jumped at that. My first impression is that it feels amazing, foams up great and the smell is amazing.

The other three makeup products I got were the Essence Sun Club Bronzer, Essence Match2Cover Concealer Duo and Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lip Gloss. I only bought these today so I don’t really have a first impression other than the bronzer smells kinda like coconut and I can’t describe the scent with the lip gloss but it’s very fruity and smells gorgeous.

The dress and belt were from TEMT.