This is it! The Last Day of #SBBC Reflections etc.

So yeah, we made it. It’s the last day of September and I know that everyone’s gonna say this, but woah did that month just fly by. It feels like only yesterday I was turning 18 and now we’re heading into October. I’ve had so much fun doing this challenge and I’ve got to discover so many other lovely beauty bloggers. It’s been just the best experience and I will be sure to another challenge in the coming months. As you all know I’ve been very persistent and consistent with getting all the posts done, except for Saturday 28th when I didn’t do either of the posts. I still did a blog post that day but not one of the themed posts, purely because I couldn’t think of anything to blog about on both topics.

Other than that I found it really easy and super duper fun to make the posts for this month, although I do have a confession. I do tend to post my blogs around the same time which is generally at night, but as you all know I recently turned 18 and with that comes the legal drinking age. With my young and energetic spirit and late nights, yes I must confess, some of my posts were created and posted drunkenly. OOOHH SHOCKER! NAH, it was all in good fun and when I sobered up the next morning and saw that everything looked fine, I just patted my back and got on with the day.

I particular enjoyed posting the blogs where I got to show you a little more of Kaitlyn (aka ME!) because i think it’s great for you guys to get to know me a little better. On top of that, reading everyone else’s posts. They were all so wonderful and it has been my favorite part of this challenge.

SBBC was great fun and I can’t wait to do another ‘challenge’, if that’s what you want to call it!


My earliest makeup memories #SBBC

In the world of makeup, I’m technically a newbie. Recently I turned 18 and only used for the first time when I was fifteen and that was for my semi formal which it kinda deemed appropriate and necessary. When it comes to early makeup memories, they weren’t too long ago. I remember before I bought makeup, I was kinda against it and thought it was masking natural beauty but my views have completely changed (obviously!) to see makeup as something that doesn’t remove or mask natural beauty but enhances it. I remember how I got into makeup and it wasn’t to hide my acne that was outta control but actually because of something a little worse. I was going to a school were I had no friends and everyone was really fake and to be honest I really just wanted to fit in and not feel like crap around all these people. One day I was in class and these two girls were talking to me because we were doing a group activity and since I was a smart ducky we finished it early we were just chatting. One of the girls turned to me and asked me if I was wearing and makeup and I said no, I even added that I didn’t own any makeup aside from a lip balm. The reaction from those two girls made me want to shoot my face off right then and there but instead of getting all said because they thought it was funny that I had never worn makeup other than for stage performances, I decided to take baby steps.

I started off very small trying out mascara, foundation, concealer and finding my best friend pressed powder. But if I had to say what sparked my interest in makeup it wasn’t to fit in, or to stop being bullied or anything like that it was 100% from the enthusiasm and positive community that surrounded the beauty community on the internet. Clearly I learned everything off the internet since nobody in my family wears makeup, even my mum on chucks on the occasional lipstick. This positivity embraced anybody and everybody and it was exactly what I needed and just by trying out products that people mentioned or having a go at an inspired look, I felt apart of something.

I would love to know how you guys got into makeup, because everyone’s story is different and stories are awesome.

Songs I love – #SBBC

Songs I love

I’ve been an avid music listener from a young age and have taken to playing instruments and involving and immersing myself in melodies and harmonies ever since I was born. In case you didn’t know, I’m a musician at heart, I still play violin which I’ve played since I was 4 and have continued to play. Since then I’ve taken on singing, piano, guitar and clarinet and have tried many more but not many others that I can say I play very well. From this love of making and performing music sprouts my love of listening and collecting music of vice versa. So when people ask me what my favorite song is or a piece I love, it will change constantly, so I’ve included four songs in today’s post, two that are all time favs and two that are current obsessions.

Beside You – Marianas Trench This song got me hooked, It was the first Marianas Trench song I listened to and they are now my favorite band and have been for sometime. Of course I recommend you check them out.

Clair De Lune – Claude Debussy An oldie but a goodie, I fell in love with this song instantly and am still in love with it to this day and hope one day I can learn the full piece on piano. It’s captivating and gorgeous, there not much to say other than it’s absolutely beautiful

Here are the two songs I’m a little obsessed with at the moment

The Other Side – Tonight Alive I’ve been in love with Tonight Alive for awhile and was so excited when their new album got released. This would have to be one of my favorite tracks off the new album and I think it’s just amazing. (I couldn’t find a decent link for it so look it up on spotify, it’s worth the listen, so is the entire album)

PTL – Relient K These guys are one of the first bands I was addicted to and have stayed with them since I started high school. There new album just got released and I love there new tone and feel, This particular track is one of my favourites off the album.

What are your favorite songs at the moment or of all time?

My Beauty History – #SBBC

Beauty History

In the grand scheme of things, there isn’t really a history with me and beauty since I’m only 18 years old and I was never allowed to buy my own clothes or wear makeup and I had numerous restrictions on my hair all the way through high school. Therefore, I have little to share other then a handful of experiences.

Hair Experience – Disaster

I’m pretty sure I was 15 and at that point I’d never dyed my hair and was way to scared to do it myself and went out in search of something affordable. I was shopping with my mum when I saw that one of the local hairdressers were having a special on and it was perfect exactly what I wanted. That’s what I thought at least. I knew I wanted to go lighter and was hoping they would help turn my dark brunette hair into something a little blonder, I even bought in a picture. Never ever been to a hair dressers before so what was I to expect, I could hardly speak to the lady doing my hair and sat in silence the entire time. In the end it cost more than the advertisement and it looked shit. I had really blonde streaks all through my hair and nothing blended, I was trying to look on the bright side, but looking back, I’m glad I decided to dye it back to a darker brunette color a few months later.

Foundation Matching – Disaster

Nearing my semi formal, I had no makeup (ahhhhh!) and my mum graciously offered to buy me some nice foundation and concealer for the big night. We went into the department store and went over to Estee Lauder’s stall and the lady there was very helpful, but unfortunately it wasn’t a customer service failure that led to my foundation not matching me, it was indeed the lighting. I was there in the store and all three of us agreed it matched but when I got home it was a noticeably two shades to dark. I lived with it for the semi formal but now I have a gorgeous formulation of foundation that I can’t use. I suppose we all learn somehow.

Well this sort of turned into a little bit of a beauty disasters post, but those were two parts of my beauty history that have molded me to make better decisions. When it comes to fashion, I’ve never had anything bad happen although I do have a little clothing thing that I do that some of my friends find weird. I always wear shorts under my dresses and skirt, they’re normally bike pants but I’m so terrified of flashing people that I always wear them.

What have been some of your successes and fails with beauty in the past?

Shopping Habits – #SBBC

Can I first mention how flippin fast this month has gone, I mean i noticed that I was getting towards the end of the September Beauty Blog Challenge and I was a little taken aback.

Shopping. I love shopping. I would say I’m addicted but on the money I receive as a student, which is little to none, especially if you like eating, shopping gets put on the back burner. To be honest I’ve hardly bought anything this entire month. I needed new shoes because my old ones were completely worn out and other then a few essentials and birthday presents and did I mention alcohol, I simply can’t afford to splurge on the things I really want to.

On the occasion that I actually do shop it will most likely be at a physical shop, I love going to the shops, especially when I’m with friends, the experience is all part of it. I also like the confidence from getting to try on clothes and swatch makeup.

By saying this, it doesn’t mean that I don’t love online shopping, because boy do I, but since I only recently turned 18 I haven’t had much time or money to go crazy. Although I did purchase my first pair of Black Milk leggings today and can’t wait for them to arrive, hopefully by the end of the week, will be sure to put a post up on styling and possibly an OOTD. I love the freedom of online shopping and the fact that you’re sure to find a bargain, but when it comes to clothes I’m always a little weary since I’m extremely tall and a little curvy and it’s near impossible to find clothes in physical shops where I can at least try the clothes on, whereas I can’t do that online and I’m so scared of getting excited and spending my precious money on awesome clothes and for them to arrive and not fit or be too short because it definitely wasn’t made for a girl as tall as me.

All in All I love shopping and I don’t think I will ever not like it, I enjoy the experience and I like turning it into a day or an outing.

What are your shopping habits? Do you prefer getting to try before you buy?

Resolutions – #SBBC

When it came to new year at the end of last year, I realised I had never stuck to any resolutions that I gave myself. Initially I put a lot of pressure on this year to be amazing, since it’s been my first year out of highschool and so far so good. It’s had it’s ups and down, but that’s life and I know that. Most people do similar resolutions, as well I change my resolution/goal to get healthier and loose weight maybe ten times a week. The only thing I knew for certain that I wanted to do this year was to take more photos. I started taking just a selfie every single day but then I got bored and decided to not be that boring.


Since getting my new camera, I’ve been addicted to taking photos and I wish I wasn’t so protective of it so I could actually take it to places such as parties, but I’m so scared I’m going to drop it or break it. I feel like I’ve really met my resolution even though the year isn’t over. Also by doing this and sticking to my resolution this year, I know that in the coming years I can try new resolutions with the thought of actually sticking to them.

What were you resolutions for this year? Have you stuck to them?

There’s no such thing as Blurred Lines – #SBBC

I am fully aware that this is not something I normally do but today’s theme is a hot topic and there was only one thing that came to my mind from recent conversations with friends in regards to something controversial. Now I’m not directly relating to the song by Robin Thicke but the themes behind the song. Recently I was talking with a friend, who was heavily feminist and I turned to her and said that I wasn’t really feminist, since there are so many crazy things that are associated with the title and there are some things I disagreed on with her. I said that the only things that really get my really peeved with society and the male gender is slut shaming and victim blaming. These two things in my mind are compromised by ignorance and arrogance. My views on these two issues become very clear after Robin Thicke’s song went viral and it became the conversation with nearly the entire female population.

If you’re unaware of what victim blaming is, it’s when a girl is raped and instead of the perpetrator being persecuted, said girl is harassed and bullied for ‘crying wolf’ or ‘being a tease’ or just lying in general or jesting at the idea that ‘she asked for it’. Stories like these make me sick to the gut, I would hate that if anything like that ever happened to one of my friends or family that instead of justice and emotional assistance, they were torn down even more. When it comes to the ‘she asked for it’ excuse, here’s my response. Yes and No are polar opposites; it’s either one or the other, there are no blurred lines. A girl isn’t asking for it if she kisses a guy. She isn’t asking for it if she’s flirting. She’s not asking for it by the clothes she wears. She’s not asking it even if she does other sexual acts. Consent is continual. People are allowed to back out, people are allowed to stop if they’re uncomfortable. I recently found this PSA from some women from India where the rape culture is horrendous and very scary and I thought I’d post it since it exemplifies how ignorant some people’s line of thought is.

In regard to Slut Shaming, that’s when a girl is discriminated against for dressing a certain way or performing certain sexual acts or even just flirting. This particular issue hits me a little too hard, I simply can’t get my head around it. I mean i feel like we should be high-fiving our girlfriends when they get laid, not calling them horrible names and degrading them down to a object. Also, the ignorance that lies with this is that girls are allowed to do what they want (as long as they aint hurting anyone) just as much as boys are and should receive the same behavior from their peers. So it baffles me that girls are called sluts, skanks, whores for getting some while guys can sleep with numerous people and get called heroes. I feel like it’s a huge injustice within society.

I’ll cut it there since I didn’t want to rant too much, although it’s hard since I am passionately angered by the issue. I know a lot of people make blogs and videos about how bad this culture is and they just get lost in the crowd, and I feel that mine is just another one of those but hopefully something will change or gradually people as a whole will become less ignorant.