Shoe Haul – Mr & Mare + ZU

Hello Lovelies,

First off, I’m 5’11” and quite awkward when it comes to my height and have been avoiding wearing anything that has even the slightest heel for my entire and recently I decided to defy all notions and wear heels and embrace being incredibly tall.

I sort of went a bit of a binge of shoe buying, which something I was completely new to. The white ones of the right were the first pair that I bought and wearing them in was quite painful but after surviving the feet torture, they are now my go to sandals since they are super comfy. They are by a brand called Mr & Mare which I found at the Universal Store.

The other two pairs were bought together on a shoe buying excursion. The middle pair were from ZU and when I tried them on it the store I was convinced that I was gonna love them, but since I’m still in the “wearing them in” stage, I haven’t decided whether they are comfy enough for daily wear. We’ll see though, they have potential.

I’ve always wanted a pair of huge chunky boots and these were super cheap and classy, not to mention comfy as all hell. I’ve worn them out dancing/dinner twice for 6+ hours and the only thing that hurt was my little pinkie toes but other than that I could easily dance and walk even after all that time!!!!