Beauty Pet Peeves – #SBBC

Well this is so very broad. Since getting myself educated in the world of makeup and beauty, I tend to pick on somethings. Sometimes good and can appreciated peoples’ efforts in greater detail but on the whole there are some very not so admired beauty elements. I will condense this to the top three things that peeve me.

Way Too Much Bronzer or Fake Tan

bronzerNow this isn’t a great example, but this is what I see when girls (or even guys with really bad fake tans) load up their face and neck with bronzer or get a fake tan that is way too fake. The number of people that go from a piece of paper to a Jamaican national is way too many, I can name over a handful of girls who ‘experimented’ with fake tans during middle school and turned into temporary oompa loompas. When it comes to bronzer, for the everyday, try and find a bronzer that will complement your skin tone and remember to blend and work with your face shape.

Foundation shade doesn’t match neckĀ 


Once again not a good example but I heard from an ad campaign by Estee Lauder, that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I can personally say that I am one part of that percentage, at one point I did where the wrong shade. It looks bad, firstly, it’s not you and the purpose of foundation is to smooth out skin and perfect the imperfections, not change your heritage. The best thing is to test out shades, find out your undertone, whether it is cool or warm. Also when swatching foundations test it on your jawline so you can see the difference between your next and face and also match for your neck so that everything blends together.

Messy Lipstick

lipstick_web2This would have to be my biggest pet peeve, people who have applied they lipstick too heavily, gone out of the natural shape of their lips or have overdrawn their lips. Personally, I find this very unattractive and it just looks messy, especially when working with bright or dark lip shades. Instead of overdrawing your lips go for a darker lip liner then applied a slightly lighter lipstick and they will look fuller. Now I’m not saying that slighting overdrawing your lips is bad but going over the top, well yea, that’s not a good look.

Those were my top three beauty pet peeves, these are my opinions and I know that some of you might not agree but this is what peeves me off and therefore from my perspective. What are your beauty pet peeves?