I Got Acrylic Nails!!!!!

Hey Lovelies,

Life has been hectic. Work here, university there and somewhere in between all that I’ve kept my social life going. Unfortunately some things have suffered, like my blog and my tv watching and my book reading. With all of these crazy things happening lately I’ve really appreciated my down time and taken extra time just to allow myself to relax. For example, I’ve found it really hard to keep up with doing my own nails at least once a week and I’ve been hating how they’ve been looking. This weekend I was working all weekend and didn’t even have time to see Alex (a.k.a the partner) !!! So instead of the money I would’ve been spending on doing fun things with him I invested in some “treat yo self” time and boy was it fun.

One of my friends has been going to this nail salon close to me for years and they always look fantastic so I finally decided to go and get them done. I’ve had gel done before but never acrylic, people have always told me that they ruin your nails, but after the damage I experienced through press-on nails and gel, I though how much more damage could they be? Also I’ve heard that if you go to the right place your nails will be fine, so I made sure that I went to a good place.

The night before my appointment I was on Pinterest and Instagram just staring at nail pictures trying to decide what to get. I had NO idea. I felt so silly, and when I got to the salon I was just like, “PINK!”.

Envious Nails and Beauty is the name of the salon and I felt very relaxed and taken care of by the ladies there, it wasn’t scary at all (not that I thought it would be). If you’re in Brisbane, Australia, I would say it is definitely a place to check out. Here’s their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EnviousNailsBeauty?fref=ts.

I can’t wait to rebook and go back, still have no idea what to get but I’m sure I’ll know in the moment.

What’s your favourite way to get your nails done?


Nail Inspirations and Bloggers – #2014BloggerChallenge

Hello Lovelies,

Boy, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but since then, I’ve been sick, the internet went down and not to mention I started back at uni, which made my life super busy. But what better excuse to actually post something decent than post my 2014 Blogger Challenge post.

As much as I wanted to do a NOTD, I really haven’t been loving any of my nail polishes enough to paint my nails. So instead of showing my nails, I thought I’d share some of my fellow bloggers and instagramers and their amazing fingertips, in no particular order of course.

Geeky Owl

This blog has to be one of my favourites, all of her designs are so creative and I love seeing her nail creations. Here is her latest post.

The theme was Mardi Gras, and it’s so awesome and totally takes in the bright colours that surround that particular event.

The Happy Sloths

Every time one of Jasmine’s posts pop up on my feed I get so happy, since they are always so incredibly cute. She utilizes a lot of nail decals and they always work for her and go amazingly with her polishes. Here is her latest post.

Love that mustache!

Ginger Loves Makeup

When it comes to Ginger’s nail related posts, I just love her selection of polishes, they are always so gorgeous. Here is her latest post.

Such a stunning teal shade!

Paint Those Piggies!

If I could get any nail/beauty blogger to do my nails it would be Erin from Paint Those Piggies, her designs are so unique and I wish I had her talent. Here is her latest post.

Anniep1124 – Instagram

Although Anniep1124 doesn’t specialise in nail art or design and instead is the instagram account for an online jewellery store, she still shows some gorgeous fingertips. Here is two of their latest nail arts.

Who’s your nail inspiration?

NOTD Sinful Colors Cupid’s Arrow

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve been meaning to paint my nails since the new year but I haven’t since I don’t like doing my nails when I don’t have any nail polish remover left, and well apparently it takes me a couple of weeks to buy some. This is one of the polishes I picked up at the Christmas sales and well I really like this one, I’m big on pastels and nudes and this one is kinda perfect for me, just very simple.

What are you wearing on your nails?

NOTD Elizabeth Arden Candy Apple

Merry Christmas Lovelies,

I wasn’t planning on doing a post today but last night when my family did Christmas early, I got this amazing nail polish and decided to do them straight away. My manicure is a little shoddy but the colour is absolutely gorgeous. The shade I’m rocking is Elizabeth Arden’s Candy Apple. I personally think this is a great shade for Christmas and I’m so happy that I get to wear on the big day.

What are you wearing on your nails? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
xoxo – Happy Holidays

First Impressions: Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat – #Blogmas

Hello Lovelies,

I’m a very fond lover of the Sally Hansen Top Coats, but I have a feeling that every time I’ve fallen in love with one and I’ve run out and go to do the simple task of re-purchasing it, low and behold, it’ll be out of stock. So to combat my bad luck, I decided to try a new one. Previously I’ve tried Insta-Dri and the Dry & Go Drops, I’ve loved both products and was really hoping to repurchase the Dry & Go Drops due to their convenience and their ability to save the product whilst still providing my nails with a nourishing top coat that dries the polish super duper quickly.

I’ve tried the Mega Shine Top Coat once and therefore I’m not going to do a review but more of a first impressions. After using it the one time, I’m sorta in love. I absolutely love the finish, it honestly looked as if I had gotten my nails done at the salon. They also dried quite quick which is one of the things I was worried about, I’m way too impatient to get a top coat that doesn’t speed up the process. Another concern was the since it wasn’t the drops the formula would be quite thick, like the Insta-Dri was, and that kinda bothered me and hence why I changed products, but I was pleasantly surprised since it was very smooth but also not thick and the brush allowed for a very thin coat to be applied. I’m absolutely in love with this product and can’t wait to use it more.

What’s your favourite top coat? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
xoxo – Happy Holidays

Topshop, Typo & Priceline Haul – #Blogmas

I’m not quite sure how but managed to gain more than the smidgen of disposable income I normally get but since I haven’t been shopping for myself in god knows how long, today was the day. I had made a little list and I still had to go get some Christmas presents (which I didn’t show) for friends, but I may’ve gotten distracted from my list and just done my own thing. No the less I’m very happy with my purchases.

This is what I got from Topshop (which just opened up in Brisbane) I know you probably don’t want to see my underwear but they haven’t been worn and how flippin’ cute is that design? I’m wearing the ring now and it looks amazing, I’ve been missing wearing a ring and thought this was gorgeous.

Now onto Priceline, my weakness if I ever had one. I did actually intend to buy all these items and thank the lord I didn’t stray from my list or some of my friends might’ve not gotten their Christmas presents hehe. So I got the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner, this was a little pricey for only 118ml ($14 – sale price) but I heard some good things about it and I won’t mind trying it, then giving my 50 cents on the product. Next is the Garnier BB Cream for Oily Combo skin which I got for $9.50 and I don’t have the highest expectations after using Skin79’s BB Cream, but I was in need for a BB cream since it’s gotten so hot. I was intending on replacing my Dry & Go Drops but they had none and so I thought “ooh, opportunity to try something new!” and I picked up Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat. ($15) Lastly I need a new concealer desperately and saw this was on sale and just picked it up, I have a massive feeling that even though this was the lightest shade, it’s gonna be too dark for me.

Holy mother of cows, was Typo packed today! My sole purpose for entering the mayhem was to pick up a blogging notebook since I don’t have one. With every purchase you could get a 2014 calendar for $5 and I saw the Classic Disney one and well as you can see, I just couldn’t resist.

What have you bought recently? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
xoxo – Happy Holidays

Pretty Pink Glitter NOTD

So university is nearly over and well I was so flippin’ bored last night because everyone was out enjoying the Fall Out Boy concert and I was home. I decided to layer my favourite nail polish which is OPI in Mimosas for Mr and Mrs with some pink glitter which I picked up from Forever 21 while I was in the states last year. I had to wait a super long time to allow for it to dry but i think it looks very pretty and not overwhelming, as sometimes glitter tends to be. Last night I also noticed that I am running very short on my Sally Hansen Dry and Go Drops and desperately need to go and buy more because I probably only have one good use left in them!
Hope you enjoyed! I would love to know what’s on your nails right now?