Miscellaneous Mondays – Her (2013)

Hello Lovelies,
Recently I’ve been thinking of starting a new series of posts that incorporates my love for pop culture and all things film, tv and music. Miscellaneous Mondays will do just that, I hope to do it every week but it might end up being an occasional thing since University is starting back soon, eep! 
I’m sure most of you have seen or at least heard about Her since it’s been nominated for 5 Oscars (woah!) and has a pretty amazing cast. (Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson for starters)Before heading into this film I was a tad skeptical since it’s themes were a tad strange. The film focuses around the life of Theodore, who is a lonely writer who spends his days writing lovely heartfelt letters for complete strangers. Through the film he develops a romantic relationship with a new operating system that is created around his personality and grows and develops as it learns more about the world through its user. His OS turns out to have the voice of a female, Scarlett Johansson none the less, and Theodore slowly falls in love with her and her love for the world and curiosity, and it helps him to discover happiness in life again after the separation with his wife.
I’m not quite sure about every one else who watched this film but initially I felt really uncomfortable about their relationship but as I kept watching I became less squirmy and became engrossed in their love. I have a feeling that this movie might be a metaphor for percieved strange relationships that exist in our society and how they should be accepted since it is the same love no matter what the casing. The characters were beautiful and I especially loved the OS, Samantha, since she was so amazing and kept gradually developing into this beautiful yet flawed AI (Artificial Intelligence). Theodore’s character also develops and by the end of the film he has been on this amazing journey that really makes him evaluate his flaws and how to work with them so to have a life filled with happiness.
I’ll avoid trying to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it, since it’s definitely worth a watch. 
What have you watched recently?


Songs I love – #SBBC

Songs I love

I’ve been an avid music listener from a young age and have taken to playing instruments and involving and immersing myself in melodies and harmonies ever since I was born. In case you didn’t know, I’m a musician at heart, I still play violin which I’ve played since I was 4 and have continued to play. Since then I’ve taken on singing, piano, guitar and clarinet and have tried many more but not many others that I can say I play very well. From this love of making and performing music sprouts my love of listening and collecting music of vice versa. So when people ask me what my favorite song is or a piece I love, it will change constantly, so I’ve included four songs in today’s post, two that are all time favs and two that are current obsessions.

Beside You – Marianas Trench This song got me hooked, It was the first Marianas Trench song I listened to and they are now my favorite band and have been for sometime. Of course I recommend you check them out.

Clair De Lune – Claude Debussy An oldie but a goodie, I fell in love with this song instantly and am still in love with it to this day and hope one day I can learn the full piece on piano. It’s captivating and gorgeous, there not much to say other than it’s absolutely beautiful

Here are the two songs I’m a little obsessed with at the moment

The Other Side – Tonight Alive I’ve been in love with Tonight Alive for awhile and was so excited when their new album got released. This would have to be one of my favorite tracks off the new album and I think it’s just amazing. (I couldn’t find a decent link for it so look it up on spotify, it’s worth the listen, so is the entire album)

PTL – Relient K These guys are one of the first bands I was addicted to and have stayed with them since I started high school. There new album just got released and I love there new tone and feel, This particular track is one of my favourites off the album.

What are your favorite songs at the moment or of all time?

Resolutions – #SBBC

When it came to new year at the end of last year, I realised I had never stuck to any resolutions that I gave myself. Initially I put a lot of pressure on this year to be amazing, since it’s been my first year out of highschool and so far so good. It’s had it’s ups and down, but that’s life and I know that. Most people do similar resolutions, as well I change my resolution/goal to get healthier and loose weight maybe ten times a week. The only thing I knew for certain that I wanted to do this year was to take more photos. I started taking just a selfie every single day but then I got bored and decided to not be that boring.


Since getting my new camera, I’ve been addicted to taking photos and I wish I wasn’t so protective of it so I could actually take it to places such as parties, but I’m so scared I’m going to drop it or break it. I feel like I’ve really met my resolution even though the year isn’t over. Also by doing this and sticking to my resolution this year, I know that in the coming years I can try new resolutions with the thought of actually sticking to them.

What were you resolutions for this year? Have you stuck to them?

There’s no such thing as Blurred Lines – #SBBC

I am fully aware that this is not something I normally do but today’s theme is a hot topic and there was only one thing that came to my mind from recent conversations with friends in regards to something controversial. Now I’m not directly relating to the song by Robin Thicke but the themes behind the song. Recently I was talking with a friend, who was heavily feminist and I turned to her and said that I wasn’t really feminist, since there are so many crazy things that are associated with the title and there are some things I disagreed on with her. I said that the only things that really get my really peeved with society and the male gender is slut shaming and victim blaming. These two things in my mind are compromised by ignorance and arrogance. My views on these two issues become very clear after Robin Thicke’s song went viral and it became the conversation with nearly the entire female population.

If you’re unaware of what victim blaming is, it’s when a girl is raped and instead of the perpetrator being persecuted, said girl is harassed and bullied for ‘crying wolf’ or ‘being a tease’ or just lying in general or jesting at the idea that ‘she asked for it’. Stories like these make me sick to the gut, I would hate that if anything like that ever happened to one of my friends or family that instead of justice and emotional assistance, they were torn down even more. When it comes to the ‘she asked for it’ excuse, here’s my response. Yes and No are polar opposites; it’s either one or the other, there are no blurred lines. A girl isn’t asking for it if she kisses a guy. She isn’t asking for it if she’s flirting. She’s not asking for it by the clothes she wears. She’s not asking it even if she does other sexual acts. Consent is continual. People are allowed to back out, people are allowed to stop if they’re uncomfortable. I recently found this PSA from some women from India where the rape culture is horrendous and very scary and I thought I’d post it since it exemplifies how ignorant some people’s line of thought is.

In regard to Slut Shaming, that’s when a girl is discriminated against for dressing a certain way or performing certain sexual acts or even just flirting. This particular issue hits me a little too hard, I simply can’t get my head around it. I mean i feel like we should be high-fiving our girlfriends when they get laid, not calling them horrible names and degrading them down to a object. Also, the ignorance that lies with this is that girls are allowed to do what they want (as long as they aint hurting anyone) just as much as boys are and should receive the same behavior from their peers. So it baffles me that girls are called sluts, skanks, whores for getting some while guys can sleep with numerous people and get called heroes. I feel like it’s a huge injustice within society.

I’ll cut it there since I didn’t want to rant too much, although it’s hard since I am passionately angered by the issue. I know a lot of people make blogs and videos about how bad this culture is and they just get lost in the crowd, and I feel that mine is just another one of those but hopefully something will change or gradually people as a whole will become less ignorant.

Ohh Kaye…..Now where did it come from? – #SBBC

Today when I got home from uni, I realised that I didn’t really want to do the beauty post for SBBC and opted for the lifestyle one and also I think it’s good to break it up a little.

When I was thinking of a name for my blog, I didn’t spend hours, days or weeks, it kinda just came upon me. I knew that I wanted to start a blog, one that was mainly focused on beauty related things, but I also wanted to set it up to allow for actual life blogging.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been in that scenario when you’re explaining something to someone or telling them a story and their reaction is an elongated okay. Yeah that’s where it came from. Not from the word okay, but a combination of okay and my name, Kaitlyn. I’ve never been one for nicknames, because i mean there was already a heap of kates and katies, I just wasn’t one of them. But I do like the idea of shortening my name on screen and I do like how Kai, looked but I was aware that it was a guy name! So I went with mixing the expression of an elongated okay with a shortened and fairly unique version of my name. I like that it’s simple, and I hope it has come across that you do indeed pronounce it as ‘okay’.

I later realised after I started to blog that it was a really neat name, and I’ve really fallen in love with it, because it kinda forces me and motivates me to put the effort and energy into my posts to make them the best quality, one because it’s got my name in the title and it’s also a decent bench line standard, aka everything has gotta be okay.

Hope that was a decent explanation, if you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’m not shy and I won’t bite…..much 🙂

P.S. THANK YOU A MILLION!!!!! I know I am so very knew and I want to thank the 50 people who are now following my blog, I plan to do a giveaway when I reach 100, so stay tuned.

Beauty Pet Peeves – #SBBC

Well this is so very broad. Since getting myself educated in the world of makeup and beauty, I tend to pick on somethings. Sometimes good and can appreciated peoples’ efforts in greater detail but on the whole there are some very not so admired beauty elements. I will condense this to the top three things that peeve me.

Way Too Much Bronzer or Fake Tan

bronzerNow this isn’t a great example, but this is what I see when girls (or even guys with really bad fake tans) load up their face and neck with bronzer or get a fake tan that is way too fake. The number of people that go from a piece of paper to a Jamaican national is way too many, I can name over a handful of girls who ‘experimented’ with fake tans during middle school and turned into temporary oompa loompas. When it comes to bronzer, for the everyday, try and find a bronzer that will complement your skin tone and remember to blend and work with your face shape.

Foundation shade doesn’t match neck 


Once again not a good example but I heard from an ad campaign by Estee Lauder, that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I can personally say that I am one part of that percentage, at one point I did where the wrong shade. It looks bad, firstly, it’s not you and the purpose of foundation is to smooth out skin and perfect the imperfections, not change your heritage. The best thing is to test out shades, find out your undertone, whether it is cool or warm. Also when swatching foundations test it on your jawline so you can see the difference between your next and face and also match for your neck so that everything blends together.

Messy Lipstick

lipstick_web2This would have to be my biggest pet peeve, people who have applied they lipstick too heavily, gone out of the natural shape of their lips or have overdrawn their lips. Personally, I find this very unattractive and it just looks messy, especially when working with bright or dark lip shades. Instead of overdrawing your lips go for a darker lip liner then applied a slightly lighter lipstick and they will look fuller. Now I’m not saying that slighting overdrawing your lips is bad but going over the top, well yea, that’s not a good look.

Those were my top three beauty pet peeves, these are my opinions and I know that some of you might not agree but this is what peeves me off and therefore from my perspective. What are your beauty pet peeves?

Fitness Routine


Now by no means am I fit or healthy but recently I’ve been starting to get healthier and fitter but exercising and watching what I eat. Before I get started, I have a lower back injury as well as injuries all down my left leg which are ongoing and non-treatable so I do have to be careful what exercises I do and when I do them. The general gist to my regime is do what you feel comfortable when you can, because as much as I would like to push myself, it would probably make my life hell. When I started out a little over two months ago, I started doing 2k (roughly 1mile) runs in the morning and alternate with 5k morning runs on the days I weren’t sore. Before I ran I made sure I stretched and had some water, because it’s really important to keep hydrated. If I ever woke up and my leg or back was hurting I just wouldn’t run at all because it does more damage than good.

In regards to exercise, I always paired the run with just a little bit of calisthenics. Once again, whatever I was comfortable, and in the past month while my back has been out, I have just been doing this really simple 4 minute routine.

Exercise Routine:

3 sets of 12 of Dips – On a chair or edge of a bed, place your palms firmly on the surface and slide your feet out from the surface a little bit and keep a sitting (90 degrees) position then dip down to the ground.

3 sets of 12 of Weighted Twists – On the ground lift your feet off the ground and balance on your bottom and with small dumbells (mine are 1.5kgs) twist from side to side.

3 sets of 12 of Push-ups – Now I can’t do proper push-ups yet but if you can go full out but I do beginner ones where instead of balancing on your toes, you’re on your knees. Remember to stay parallel.

3 sets of Crunches or Sit-ups – I alternate between crunches and sit-ups depending on how my back is feeling.tumblr_mses5puFLr1sg4hgso1_250

The main thing to remember is make sure you are doing things you are comfortable with because if you’re hurting yourself you’re most likely going to not want to do it again and hurting yourself in the process. Try to have fun with fitness, because I know that I hated sports at school and exercise in general just made me wanna be sick, but I wanna be healthier and I know that being healthier will help me in more ways then helping me get around uni without loosing my breath. I know for me it was what type of exercise I was doing that made the difference, I just love running and jogging, although it may hurt my leg a little, the outdoors is beautiful and very peaceful and it makes the time fly, whereas my sister who is also starting her fitness journey joined a gym because she likes the atmosphere better and likes the motivation she gets from paying the money, where I like the freedom.