Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water All in 1 Review

Hello Lovelies,

It’s been awhile again and I’ll initially apologize then get straight into it, since even though I’ve been swamped with life and planning for my upcoming month abroad, I still want to type up what I’ve been loving (or hating). I’m hoping to schedule a few posts that will come up when I’m overseas 😀

When the big hype of micellar waters came about I was personally a little hesitant since they honestly looked like expensive bottles of water. After humming it over in my head and reading all the fabulous reviews of the Bioderma one, I ventured into Priceline to pick some up and found out that a tiny bottle of the stuff was $30 and since I’d never tried this type of product I needed to try a cheaper alternative. One of the staff members suggested the Garnier one and after reading that it removed makeup and was soothing, I was anxious to try it out myself, the fact that it came in a huge bottle was also a big selling point.

As I’m typing this post I’m on my second bottle of the stuff, and there has never been a skincare product I’ve repurchased!!!! I’m not gonna blurt out that this product is some sort of holy grail since it doesn’t particularly do anything extra for my skin, but as a makeup remover/light facial cleanser it totally takes the prize.

I found that Garnier really found a way to remove makeup in the simplest form, and doesn’t have any weird extras like perfume. For example, I had been previously using an Elizabeth Arden makeup remover I got for Christmas and it was alright but left a slimy residue on my face and the smell was a little too much for me and I would also have to use and excess of 3-4 cotton pads just to get everything off. In regards to the Garnier one, I use one saturated cotton pad per half of my face and occasionally I use one extra all over if I was wearing heavy makeup. Side note; I have extremely sensitive eyes due to an incident in middle school and I found that even when this stuff got in my eye (on rare occasions) there would be no irritation.

Personally I would recommend this to everyone’s sister, mother and brother !!!! The makeup remover is strong but the cleanser part of this product is extremely light, but does a decent job to make me feel refreshed even if I’m not taking any makeup off.

What’s your go to makeup remover/cleanser?

#SBBC – Faves and Fails: Makeup Removers

When it comes to makeup removers I don’t put that much energy into taking off my makeup, which is bad I know, but in regards to products who’s main purpose is to remove makeup, I sincerely haven’t tried that many. Believe it or not though I do have at least one fave and one fail. Let’s start with the fail:

Majolica Majorca Eyes Resent Gel




There is only one reason why this is a fail and not a fave and that is consistency. The fact that it is in gel form is annoying and extremely messy and I’ve just a very poor experience with it. It does remove makeup superbly but it gets very messy and irritates my eyes. I had one massive fail with this product quite recently, where I was trying a look out at home and was removing my makeup, like a good girl, and put some on a makeup remover pad and ensured that it had sunken in properly and then applied to my eyes and then after removing the makeup i opened my eye and the gel had seeped down my eyelashes and coated all over my eye. It was not fun. EEK!

Now a fave, Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes


These are perfect, I have repurchased them on many occasions and will continue to do so, plain and simple, they get the job done without irritating my skin and eyes. They are really refreshing and alongside my nighttime skincare routine all my makeup comes off fine and nothing gets hurt. I do have a real problem with sensitive eyes so these are perfect.