Romantic Winged Eye Look – FOTD

Hello Lovelies, 
Since coming home from overseas I’ve been stuck into work and have hardly had the chance to get all dolled up, but I thought that today was a perfect excuse to just that. Me and my friends had to run a few errands in town an I wanted to try some new and not so new makeup and thought that since I want to post more I should show you what I did. Firstly I was going to do a before and after but my camera is being a complete moron. The colour settings are all messed. Everything either comes out really orange or blue and it doesn’t capture the essence of the makeup look I was going for. So out of the bazillion photos I took on my good Canon camera, the above photo is the only one worth posting. Hopefully in the next few days I will make a custom setting that will work perfectly with my makeup looks, I think I just need to play around with a few things and get the hang of the nitty gritty camera stuff, which I’m not all that educated on. Below is a photo I took on my phone and turned out amazing and I posted it up on Instagram (@kaitlynisabelm) and personally I was very happy with how it showed up.
The look was aiming to be a subtle yet romantic look with a hint of wing. I’ve been doing this wing that only goes into the middle of my eye then stopping. Sometimes I feel that going all the way across with liquid eyeliner can be too intense, especially for romantic or day to day wear. I would say that this look would work great for Valentines Day, if any of you have anything planned. A red lip is classic with any romantic or date night makeup look, it brings a total iridescence of sexiness into the entire look. 
How do you guys handle camera/editing troubles?


Black and White OOTD

Hello Lovelies,

Last night I got especially dressed up for a little gathering with some new friends in town and well I thought my outfit was kinda cool. I tried to keep things pretty simple  and stuck with my favourite style which is wearing no more of two colours. In my opinion as much as I love my cool designs and layering is really awesome, when I want to stick to something classic you can’t go wrong with your plain colors or shades. What’s your go to fashion color combination? Mine would have to be black and white or black and pink 🙂

So here’s what’s on my body:

  • Top – Valley Girl
  • Skirt – Forever 21
  • Bag – Colette by Colette Hayman
  • Boots – Naughty Monkey
  • Lipstick – Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 107 (loving this shade!)

Even though it’s getting a little chilly here in Brisbane, I was actually quite comfortable with wearing this amount of clothes. I suppose you can get away with that in this time of temperamental weather.

What have you been loving recently?

Dark Pink Ombre Lips – LOPD (Mini Tutorial)

Hello Lovelies,

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling sick and nice lip combo tends to cheer me up and make me feel less ill. Unfortunately I think I may have a head cold coming up but, you never know my fates might change. *fingers crossed*

Recently I’ve been seeing so many ombre lips on Instagram and thought I’d try my hand at it, and even though I don’t own any light or sheer pink lipsticks, my take on the ombre lip is focused around dark pinks.

So how’d I create this little treat?

First off I used Maybelline’s Baby Lips Lip Balm so that my lips wouldn’t dry out from all the extra products. I lined my lips with Essence’s lip liner in Red Blush which is a sort of burgundy shade. The main lipstick for this creation is the Inglot Lipstick in 194. For the corners I added a little bit of red for dimension, the red I used was Urban Decay Super-Saturated Lip Color in F-Bomb.

I think this lip would be perfect with a subtle smokey eye and paired with whatever you might have planned for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

What do you think of ombre lips?

Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsick in Pink Possibilites Review + Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

Not long ago Maybelline released a new series to their Color Sensation range, and since I was in love with those, it seemed right to try out the new Color Whisper collection. Although I only purchased one, I plan to expand my collection. The particular shade that I picked up was 65 Pink Possibilities which is a light yet bright pink.

When I swatched it in the store I noticed that it was quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters and since it’s still summer over here, I assumed the Color Whispers would hold the same standard. First off, the packaging is simple, yet quite sleek and similar to the Color Sensations lipsticks. These are slimmer and I do admire the similarity to the Revlon ones with the flat top design.

I found that it swatches lighter on my hand than on my lips, which I see as a bonus. I find the the pigmentation is perfect for such a weightless product and I honestly thought it would be sheerer on my lips. The formula is extremely lightweight and I found it amazingly moisturizing. I would honestly use this as a lip balm! In my opinion, these are softer and more lightweight than the Revlon Lip Butters and I think that’s due to their added sheerness. Overall these are quite impressive and are worth a try, especially if you like the Revlon dupes. At Priceline they retail for $14.95 which makes these quite an affordable addition to any lipstick collection. The color range is alright, but I hope they expand it in the coming year.

What’s your opinion on these types of lipsticks (Color Whispers or the Revlon Lip Butters etc.)?

Weekly Lustables

Hello Lovelies,

Boy, has this been a busy week, with Christmas and sales shopping and the movies and don’t forget the family and friends. On Monday I went and visited my little cousins, my uncle and my grandma and wished them a Merry Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve my family and I went out to dinner at Il Centro on Eagle Street Pier, looking over the River and the Storey Bridge. The whole reason we had to abandon our usual Christmas Eve dinner was due to our oven slightly blowing up earlier this year. Dinner was lovely though and we all had a wonderful night. We continued to do Christmas a day early and opened our presents that night, my big present was my keyboard and my new desk, which was a combination 18th Birthday present as well. I also got some gift cards and soap and my mum got an Elizabeth Arden makeup kit and decided that she didn’t need everything and since she knew how much I love makeup I received a few extra presents. I then spent Christmas Day with Alex and his extended family. Boxing Day was filled with sale shopping and a viewing of The Hobbit 2 which was amazing. I also went for a second round of sales shopping bound with a seeing of Frozen, which is a new favourite. I can’t decide whether I like it better than Tangled, what do you think?

Now onto my favourites (even though this whole week has been a favourite):

  1. Coastal Scents Metal Mania – I bought this ages ago and I hardly used it, until Christmas Eve and I created this really nice smokey eye, which I hope to do a tutorial on soon. 
  2. Simple Song – The Shins – This has been one of my favourite songs this week along with The Draw – Bastille
  3. Christmas Eve Dinner – I didn’t get any photos of the actual dinner because I was to busy eating it, but I got duck with panna cotta, roasted potatoes and for dessert, chocolate mousse and gelato. I also had a Singapore Sling which is one of my favourite cocktails.
  4. My Favourite Christmas Present – As I said before, my mum got a handful of Elizabeth Arden products and she was lovely enough the lipsticks among the three of us. I got the one called Tulip and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s my first really high end lipstick, other than MAC. 
What have you been loving this week? I’d love to hear your thoughts:)

Bright Pink Lipstick Day – Inglot 194

In case you didn’t know, yesterday, 20th September, was Bright Pink Lipstick Day which is a day that encourages both men and women to wear a bright pink lipstick shade to raise awareness for breast and ovarian cancer.

2274003421b111e3a54722000a9f1597_7 6898a50821c811e38ee022000aeb412d_7

Excuse the duck face, but I wanted to flaunt how pink this lipstick is. Although I love this shade of pink, I find it a little drying but nonetheless a gorgeous shade and the wear is amazing, I didn’t really need to reapply all day. I’ve added a swatch of the lipstick below.

IMG_0410 IMG_0402

I really liked the idea of this day since wearing a bright pink lipstick isn’t an overall difficult thing to do and it only takes one person to start to raise awareness. For example, I rocked up to my friends place last night who I had talked about Bright Pink Lipstick Day and although she couldn’t wear it at work she quickly went and popped on some bright color. And now that that’s only two people wearing pink lipstick but there’s always more people talking then doing. Here’s a video from Pink Hope about the day and if you missed it this year, remember to check it for next year.

Beauty Pet Peeves – #SBBC

Well this is so very broad. Since getting myself educated in the world of makeup and beauty, I tend to pick on somethings. Sometimes good and can appreciated peoples’ efforts in greater detail but on the whole there are some very not so admired beauty elements. I will condense this to the top three things that peeve me.

Way Too Much Bronzer or Fake Tan

bronzerNow this isn’t a great example, but this is what I see when girls (or even guys with really bad fake tans) load up their face and neck with bronzer or get a fake tan that is way too fake. The number of people that go from a piece of paper to a Jamaican national is way too many, I can name over a handful of girls who ‘experimented’ with fake tans during middle school and turned into temporary oompa loompas. When it comes to bronzer, for the everyday, try and find a bronzer that will complement your skin tone and remember to blend and work with your face shape.

Foundation shade doesn’t match neck 


Once again not a good example but I heard from an ad campaign by Estee Lauder, that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I can personally say that I am one part of that percentage, at one point I did where the wrong shade. It looks bad, firstly, it’s not you and the purpose of foundation is to smooth out skin and perfect the imperfections, not change your heritage. The best thing is to test out shades, find out your undertone, whether it is cool or warm. Also when swatching foundations test it on your jawline so you can see the difference between your next and face and also match for your neck so that everything blends together.

Messy Lipstick

lipstick_web2This would have to be my biggest pet peeve, people who have applied they lipstick too heavily, gone out of the natural shape of their lips or have overdrawn their lips. Personally, I find this very unattractive and it just looks messy, especially when working with bright or dark lip shades. Instead of overdrawing your lips go for a darker lip liner then applied a slightly lighter lipstick and they will look fuller. Now I’m not saying that slighting overdrawing your lips is bad but going over the top, well yea, that’s not a good look.

Those were my top three beauty pet peeves, these are my opinions and I know that some of you might not agree but this is what peeves me off and therefore from my perspective. What are your beauty pet peeves?