Disney World, New Years and Caribbean Cruise!!!!!

Hey lovelies,

Some of you may know and some may not, but I have spent the most part of the last month overseas in the states. My family and I left on Christmas morning and preceded to spend the following 35ish hours traveling to Orlando, Florida. During that time we endured LAX on Christmas morning, which was an incredibly frustrating experience, 10/10 would not recommend.  I’m not going to go into too much detail about the entire trip because we’d be here forever.

We started at Universal Studios, which is home to Harry Potter World and it was spectacular to say the least, every detail was on point. The weather was crazy with 100% humidity and 30 degree weather in their so called winter. After 3 days of Universal fun including the Simpsons, minions and many more fun themed attractions, we moved over to Walt Disney World for an intense 6 day experience unlike any other. Walking into Magic Kingdom overwhelmed me with so much emotion and I practically cried from happiness. Even though we went during their busiest time of the year, both myself and the rest of my family enjoyed our time there thoroughly.

After conquering a week and half of straight theme parks, we all needed a break so what was the answer? Yes. Shopping was the answer. We hit most of the outlets in Orlando and Ft Lauderdale and boy did I get some deals. I also visited an Ulta and was so goddamn happy I could’ve spent every cent I had in there. (thank god I didn’t) My makeup and skincare collection expanded quite a lot and I can’t wait to try everything out and share it with you guys. We drove from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale which was quite honestly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever experienced. I mean driving on the opposite side of the road was enough but add on that the others on the road weren’t the greatest of drivers, we were definitely in for quite a thrill. It’s okay though because the rest of our trip was all about resting and recovering.

Above is the only picture I snapped while in Aruba, because I was so damned relaxed I couldn’t fuss around with taking a million pictures. We all got to this beautiful island by hopping onto the Royal Princess and embarking on a 10 day Caribbean adventure. I had so much fun, other than I couldn’t enjoy a cocktail since the drinking age was still 21 on the cruise, but once I got to the islands I enjoyed many a pina colada on the beach. The experience was amazing and I was so relaxed before I had to trek all around the world to get back home.

Heading back to Australia took 40+ hours to get home since we had an 8hr layover at LAX. By the time we all found our way back to our house, we all collapsed and slept for the next day or two. Overall the holiday was amazing and I hope I get the chance to go back there again.

Where is the best place you’ve traveled to?


Cosplay Inspiration – Lisa Lou Who

Hello Lovelies,

As some of you might know, I’m a massive fan of almost everything pop culture related and I am in complete awe of the guys and gals that do cosplay. I wish I had the skill (in relation to creating the costumes) and the confidence to pull off such amazing characters. The other day I stumbled upon this wonderful cosplayer by the name of Lisa Lou Who and I fell in love with some of her costumes and I felt the need to share her with you all.
Costume: Harley Quinn
Series: Original Design, inspired by Sakizou

Jasmine, Thief of Agrabah
Daenerys Targaryen

Ana from Frozen
I love all her costumes and think she’s incredibly talented at what she does, and seriously can’t wait to see her future creations. She seriously inspires me to take a crack at cosplaying myself, although I seriously lack the sewing capabilities hehe. 
You can find Lisa at these links:

What do you think about her costumes? And about cosplaying in general?

2014 Inspiration – #2014BloggerChallenge

2013 was such an amazing year, if I do say so myself. It was filled with new friends, new loves, new adventures such as uni and music festivals and of course, blogging. I couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing year, also seeing as it was my first year out of high school and my inaugural year into the real world. And with such a wonderful year, it’s hard to say goodbye, so a change of perspective is needed, no goodbyes, only hellos. So it’s time to welcome 2014.

Now there is one event that is happening in 2014 that is literally my entire inspiration to make changes for the better in my life. A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call which literally made me jump for joy, my sister rang me and to be honest I wasn’t quite sure why at first, since my mum was crazy busy with work and my siblings hardly find a reason to call me, when they know I’ll be home within hours. She immediately told me that my mum had finally had a break from work at 3am that morning and starting planning some crazy holiday (which is literally her favourite pastime) whose plans normally get forgotten through a night of sleep or become financially unreasonable. Since my mum was so dead from work when my sister said, mum is booking a holiday, I assumed it was down the coast for the weekend or something along the likes. Instead she replied with, “Mum wants to know if you’re okay with a Caribbean cruise late next year, with of course, a week and a bit in Disney World?”,  I swear for a few seconds I went into shock, this wasn’t actually happening. Of course I answered and was like HECK YEAH!

Here’s a little back story, when I was little, around 8 years old, my mum told me to find a place in the world and make a little report on it as a holiday activity. I had no idea Walt Disney World existed and when I discovered it, I spent not just the rest of my holidays researching but the rest of life until now, preparing a trip, that in my eyes, was never going to eventuate.

You could definitely say that I’m excited and it has really enthused my entire family to make some new directions for 2014.

 Personally I’m not one for making a whole heap of resolutions that I drop after a week, take last year for example, my goals were to make friends and to live a little, to practically embrace uni life and take it by the helm. I ultimately did those and I think the pitfall of making yearly goals is making too many or ones that are unachievable. Keeping in mind Disney World and the Caribbean I’ve set myself some goals to work towards an amazing reward.

Like almost every other person in the world, I aspire to get fitter and hopefully loose a bit of weight in the new year. Now I know this one is more likely to be achievable this year than any other, this due to me beginning to exercise and eat healthier during last year. And also because I enjoy exercising, I don’t see this consuming me or becoming something I give up on easily. 

This is a given when you are planning on going on a big overseas holiday, but to save money and hopefully get a job. I’ve been on a job hunt for awhile now and had a few interviews here and there but nothing ever eventuated, hopefully 2014 will be the year. I also hope to get better grades, but they are already quite good, so it’s more about getting involved with uni events.

Now my inspiration for 2014 is clearly my holiday at the end of the year that will motivate me and I suppose we all have our reasons for why we make goals or our inspiration for positive change, my only message and motivator is to not give up. Every year we are faced with challenges and most times they are unavoidable, but we set these goals so that we can achieve something and that feeling of reaching that point is what will make those tribulations simply disappear.

I wish each and everyone of you an amazing 2014 and I hope that what ever it is that you set your mind to this year, that you don’t give up and make this year, one you’ll never forget.


Snow White Makeup Look and Costume/Tutorial – #Bloggoween

This is my last one I swear (unless I get really creative in the next couple of weeks!) and this is my favourite and my personal pick for Halloween this year. I’ve always been in love with the Disney Princesses and although Snow White wasn’t my all time favourite, I am still quite fond of her and really wanted to try out a classic Disney look for this year’s Halloween.

I bought the costume off eBay and it was quite cheap but not the worst quality available. You can get full length gowns off the internet but I already knew the type of Halloween party I was heading too and if I wore a full length gown my embarrassment would be akin to Cady’s in Mean Girls!

So you wanna know how to do it?
  1. Full coverage foundation routine, including liquid or creme foundation, concealer, powder. Snow White has a flawless complexion and full coverage is one way to recreate her porcelain skin.
  2. Since Snow White has black hair I filled in my brows with black and it made a huge difference to the look.
  3. Take a lighter toned bronzer and put it around the hallows of your cheeks and temples. Then take a darker bronzer or contour powder and go over the other parts as well as the sides of the nose and the jaw line.
  4. Lightly highlight under the eyes, down the nose and on the chin.
  5. With a light pink blush place it on the apples of your cheeks and concentrate it quite heavily but try an avoid too round of a circle.
  6. Lightly line the upper lash line with a black eyeshadow or eyeliner. Apply mascara and white eyeliner to the waterline
  7. For the lips, moisturize with a lip balm then line the lips with a red lip liner. Apply red lipstick. If you make any mistakes take your concealer and define your lips.
  8. DONE!

The faux bob isn’t too difficult to achieve and there are heaps of tutorials around the internet to help with that!

So what are you doing for Halloween? If you want to know any specific products just ask in the comments or on Twitter. Feel free to leave a comment or share!