Dramatic Clubbing Makeup – FOTD

 Hello Lovelies,

Just gotta say…I LOVE this makeup, I literally threw it together in 30 minutes and it fared wonderfully for a crazy night of dancing and I was so happy with it, but realized once I was taking it off the next morning that I had only taken one photo of it.

The look wasn’t that hard either!!!! I took a classic white and black cut crease and just added a few things, like some greys and a whole lot of glitter and of course, winged eyeliner.
The glitter was a NYX roll-on one and I took a small brush and dabbed it on all around my inner corner.

I found a cell phone photo that wasn’t that bad so I included it.


Life Update #4

Okay, when did it become November, because seriously this year has flown by! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a post and well there are so many reasons why but I don’t want to use them as excuses, hence why I’m doing a life update. Firstly, I just finished my first year of university which means I had to finish all my assignments and exams. My last exam was on last Tuesday and I’m so glad that uni is over and done with for the year and can’t wait to change degrees at the start of next year. I’m now embarking on my 4 month holiday! Yeah, I did say 4 months, you’re not mistaken. Hopefully this means a lot of blogging (well, at least I hope so!) and maybe some filming, as I plan to start a YouTube channel fairly soon.

The biggest thing going on in my life right now is my ever expanding social life. This comes as such as shock to me since never in my life have I ever really had a social life, let alone friends, so it’s very exciting. It’s also wonderful that I’m now 18, which means the possibilities of going out are limitless! Since my last life update, I’ve been to the notorious Fortitude Valley in Brisbane twice and both times have been a hoot and a half. I’ve also had the pleasure of attending a handful of Halloween parties, dressed as the always gorgeous Snow White.

The last big thing that has been consuming my life energy for the last couple of weeks has been my love life and well, I’ve got some good news. I met a guy. An amazing guy, who I now have the pleasure of calling my boyfriend. Our relationship is relatively new so I won’t go into too much detail, just giving you guys a heads up!

I hope that sums it up pretty well, there’s been so many other things happening, like my keyboard (digital piano) breaking D: and me going to my first roller derby bout, (which was awesome!) and getting to see my bestfriend Katie dress up as one of the scariest yet still sexy vampire!

I would love to know how your life is going and if you have any questions, feel free to comment! 🙂