Black + Gold Sugar Skull

Hello Lovelies,

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year, I swear I’ve become obsessed with looking and watching videos of everyone’s looks, everyone gets so creative. It just happened to be exam time for me the entirety of October, so yay! All I wanted to do while I was studying was to transform myself into something creepy or different, so I personally used that as fuel to study extra hard. When I finally got around to sitting down and trying something out, the only idea I had in my head was a sugar skull and I thought a black and gold colour scheme would work well, so I just winged it.

I started by contouring (very lightly) with black eyeshadow around my jawline and the sides of my face. The eyes were very fun to create and I started by placing down different yellows and golds to create an opaque colour around the eyes. Then came the black outline and the blending, which in all honesty took me the longest, but the trick i found was to keep applying gold/yellow where needed and placing some black lightly over those areas where you’ve placed more gold. Filling in the half circles around the eyes are pretty simple until you get to the ones around the nose, they can get a little tricky so take your time. I just used a pencil eyeliner, so if you use gel or liquid you’ll have to be extra careful since they’ll smudge easier.

Personally I found the nose tricky since the area is all curved, I spent way too long trying to clean up the edges but in the end I sort of just left it the way it was. Lastly you can really improvise with the mouth, I’ve seen so many interpretations, I tried to keep it simple.

Of course I put a deep face in !!!!
Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!!!


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