19th Birthday Wrap-up

Hello Lovelies,

WOW!!! I’m getting old now. It’s unreal telling people that I’m 19, especially since 18 was so much fun. This year was probably the best birthday I’ve ever had, since historically I’ve had horrible birthdays. For example I spent my 17th birthday at a funeral, was not fun at all let me tell you that. This year though was in a totally different category, I had two weekends of fun and friends.

The weekend before my birthday I hosted a pajama and cocktail night with a lot of tequila involved. Everyone loved that they could rock up to a party in their onesies and we were all fabulously comfy and we smashed through multiple margaritas. I rocked my new storm trooper pajama pants and fluffy slippers and stayed super warm all night.

On my actual birthday I decided to keep it  little low key and spent my day with my boyfriend, Alex. I really wanted to spend my day baking and cooking since my kitchen at home is bust so we ventured out in the morning to gather ingredients. Firstly we stopped for my favourite coffee, which is a White Chocolate Mocha with lactose free milk and a double shot from Zarraffas by the way. For the last couple of months Alex has kept his eyes out for some yellow tulips since they are only in season for a little while during winter, low and behold there is a bunch of yellow tulips at the Coles we went to, it was like fate. I had decided I wanted to make red velvet cupcakes since they’re my favourite, and the cupcakes turned out fine but boy do I need to learn how to make frosting properly. For dinner Alex and I made pork fillet with potato gems (or tater tots) with homemade cheesy garlic bread, which Alex made all by himself and it was amazing.

My makeup was amazing as was my outfit but with all the cooking and the dinner party that followed, I forgot to take a photo. Two of my closest friends came around and we had dinner and played Cards Against Humanity before heading to Fortitude Valley. We danced for awhile and decided to end the night at a cocktail bar called Alfred and Constance. My friend Siobhan and I tried the lychee martinis and they were an absolute treat for our bodies, sooooo yummy.

All in all I had an amazing day and it was definitely a day I will never forget.