Bastille Concert

Hello Lovelies,

Let’s just say that these past few weeks have been hectic as all hell, exams, work and squeezing in as many moments with Alex before he leaves on his cruise. With all this crazy I didn’t get to do half of the posts I’d planned on doing, for starters I wanted to tell you all about my awesome concert experience with Bastille!!!!

It’s very rare I go to a concert and don’t end up in general admission getting squished with everyone else, but on this occasion my mum really wanted to go with my sister and I, so we sat down. When we arrived at the Convention Centre at 7:30pmish we walked pass the long ass line for the people who were patiently waiting to try and get as possible to the band. We strolled right past them and joined the back of another long ass line, the one for merch. I have a little bit of guilt for my band merchandise collection because I’m in love with fashion and all it’s fantastic creations but I still only really wear band tshirts with jeans and Black Milk. I really can’t help myself!!!!!

You have literally no idea how much I adore this shirt, I practically lived in it the weekend following the concert.

Since we weren’t really bothered with the first supporting artist which was Allison Wonderland, we ventured from the merch stall and grabbed some food and cider. Although I was extremely pumped for this concert since we all bought tickets in November last year, I had had an exam earlier that day that was really stressful and then I knew I had another exam the next day at 8:30am! I was certifiably exhausted.

The second supporting artist was Foxes and she had such a gorgeous voice, so much so that I bought her album that weekend! The anticipation for Bastille to come on was incredibly intense, but once they were on they were ON! Lights going crazy and everyone screaming and yelling every lyric out until vocal chords popped. Stand out songs were Oblivion, The Draw and Laughter Lines also they played a new song that no one had heard yet and it was spectacular. For Flaws the lead singer jumped off the stage and started meandering through the general admission! Their stage presence was mesmerizing.

It’s such an experience getting to see one of your favourite bands perform live, I’d love to know what some of you favourite bands/artists are and if you’ve seen them live.


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