Bastille Concert

Hello Lovelies,

Let’s just say that these past few weeks have been hectic as all hell, exams, work and squeezing in as many moments with Alex before he leaves on his cruise. With all this crazy I didn’t get to do half of the posts I’d planned on doing, for starters I wanted to tell you all about my awesome concert experience with Bastille!!!!

It’s very rare I go to a concert and don’t end up in general admission getting squished with everyone else, but on this occasion my mum really wanted to go with my sister and I, so we sat down. When we arrived at the Convention Centre at 7:30pmish we walked pass the long ass line for the people who were patiently waiting to try and get as possible to the band. We strolled right past them and joined the back of another long ass line, the one for merch. I have a little bit of guilt for my band merchandise collection because I’m in love with fashion and all it’s fantastic creations but I still only really wear band tshirts with jeans and Black Milk. I really can’t help myself!!!!!

You have literally no idea how much I adore this shirt, I practically lived in it the weekend following the concert.

Since we weren’t really bothered with the first supporting artist which was Allison Wonderland, we ventured from the merch stall and grabbed some food and cider. Although I was extremely pumped for this concert since we all bought tickets in November last year, I had had an exam earlier that day that was really stressful and then I knew I had another exam the next day at 8:30am! I was certifiably exhausted.

The second supporting artist was Foxes and she had such a gorgeous voice, so much so that I bought her album that weekend! The anticipation for Bastille to come on was incredibly intense, but once they were on they were ON! Lights going crazy and everyone screaming and yelling every lyric out until vocal chords popped. Stand out songs were Oblivion, The Draw and Laughter Lines also they played a new song that no one had heard yet and it was spectacular. For Flaws the lead singer jumped off the stage and started meandering through the general admission! Their stage presence was mesmerizing.

It’s such an experience getting to see one of your favourite bands perform live, I’d love to know what some of you favourite bands/artists are and if you’ve seen them live.


L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara Review

Hello Lovelies,

Exams are finally over and now with a month of holidays I aim to try and get back on top of blogging since as you know, I’ve been so incredibly slack, but to be honest I miss it and I really want to let you all know what I’ve been loving and hating. Even though I’m in crazy savings mode for my USA trip in December, I’ve been able to take advantage of some of the sales that Priceline have been having here and there. A couple of months ago I bought the L’Oreal False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara because there was a 40% sale on all cosmetics going on and since this mascara normally retails for $20-30 AUD I jumped at the chance to try it out. Because I’ve been using it for a while now I feel that I’ve definitely road tested it enough to give it a fair review.

Here’s what L’Oreal claims about the mascara:

“Complete your winged eye look with volumised and fanned out lashes. False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara instantly volumises at the roots and stretches your lashes outwards for a winged eye effect.”

First off the bat, I love the asymmetrical brush it’s kind of brilliant, especially for giving extra volume for the outer lashes. I find that the formulation isn’t clumpy and is extremely black, which is a big tick for me. In regards to completing a winged eye look, it definitely enhances one but I find that this mascara is perfect for any type of semi dramatic to hella dramatic eye look. The lasting power is pretty great which is either a good or bad thing depending on preference. For instance I love that it lasts all day but I dislike that it will take forever to come off. I think this mascara is best for the top lashes since I find that using on the bottom lashes it lengthens them a little too much and i tend to get a lot of mascara under my eye.


Formulation: 9/10
Brush: 8/10 (love it for the top, but doesn’t work that well for bottom lashes)
Lasting and holding Power: 8/10
Shade: 10/10 (blackest black ever, really darkens those little babies)

Total: 8.75

I would totally repurchase this mascara or at least another L’Oreal mascara since this is the first one that I’ve bought and well I love it, almost as much as Maybelline’s Falsies!!!

What mascara are you loving at the moment?

Black Milk Collection….as of today

Hello Lovelies,

We all have our collections, whether they be makeup, haircare, skincare, headbands, scarves etc. and to each their own. My favourite collection that I own actually isn’t my makeup collection (although it was a close runner up to first) it’s my Black Milk Collection. Although it’s fairly small, I’m a uni student and well if you know anything about the brand, you need to save up some dough for each purchase. Black Milk Clothing compromises of nylon heaven with a multitude of leggings, dresses, skirts etc with crazy awesome designs featured upon them, occasionally being pop culture related. I’d known about them for awhile firstly cause they’re Aussie and at high school I gawked at their site for hours, sometimes getting all the way to the checkout and then chickening out cause of the price. Last year I jumped the fence and bought the Marauder’s Map Leggings from their Harry Potter collection, I honestly could not pass them up. I’m so glad that I did, they are one of my favourite styling pieces and goes wonderfully with all my band t-shirts as well as plain dresses. Since they are golden cream, I actually get asked (nearly every time I wear them) if they are tattoos!!!! From that first purchase I’ve been obsessed, the photo above shows 4/5 of the pieces I own the other is a pair of mermaid leggings which are pictured below.

The Fit:

I fit between a medium and a large depending on the style, for example in the Marauder’s Map leggings I’ve got a medium and they fit (length wise I’m 5’11”) fine but with the mermaid leggings below, they fall a little short and tend to ride up my legs (I have them in medium as well) since they’re textured. I find the cut of the dresses to be quite flattering especially the reversible skater dress which the Lumpy Space Princess dress is. The material is clearly their signature nylon and is amazingly comfortable and durable, since I live in Australia they are kind perfect since it never gets too cold here. For some of the dresses they also allow the option for a longer torso which is wonderful since I’m so tall.

The Collection:

 Mermaid Musk Leggings in Medium (No Longer Available)

 *Newest Addition* Red Tartan Toasties (they have fleece on the inside which makes them toasty) in Large

Marauder’s Map Leggings in Medium
Pictured in the top image:
LSP Reversible Skater Dress in Large
Team Targaryn Scoop Skater Dress (Game of Thrones For the Win!) in Large LT (Long Torso)

So that’s my collection, it will continue to grow cause I have no self control and plus there’s a disney collection coming out and I’m sure I’ll loose all my savings.

By the way just mentioning that I wasn’t sponsored by Black Milk Clothing at all they have no idea I’m doing this post, I bought each and every item of clothing myself with my own dough.

What’s your favourite brand of clothing? xoxo