Maybelline Color Whisper Lipsick in Pink Possibilites Review + Swatches

Hello Lovelies,

Not long ago Maybelline released a new series to their Color Sensation range, and since I was in love with those, it seemed right to try out the new Color Whisper collection. Although I only purchased one, I plan to expand my collection. The particular shade that I picked up was 65 Pink Possibilities which is a light yet bright pink.

When I swatched it in the store I noticed that it was quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters and since it’s still summer over here, I assumed the Color Whispers would hold the same standard. First off, the packaging is simple, yet quite sleek and similar to the Color Sensations lipsticks. These are slimmer and I do admire the similarity to the Revlon ones with the flat top design.

I found that it swatches lighter on my hand than on my lips, which I see as a bonus. I find the the pigmentation is perfect for such a weightless product and I honestly thought it would be sheerer on my lips. The formula is extremely lightweight and I found it amazingly moisturizing. I would honestly use this as a lip balm! In my opinion, these are softer and more lightweight than the Revlon Lip Butters and I think that’s due to their added sheerness. Overall these are quite impressive and are worth a try, especially if you like the Revlon dupes. At Priceline they retail for $14.95 which makes these quite an affordable addition to any lipstick collection. The color range is alright, but I hope they expand it in the coming year.

What’s your opinion on these types of lipsticks (Color Whispers or the Revlon Lip Butters etc.)?

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