Weekly Lustables

Hello Lovelies,

Boy, has this been a busy week, with Christmas and sales shopping and the movies and don’t forget the family and friends. On Monday I went and visited my little cousins, my uncle and my grandma and wished them a Merry Christmas. Then on Christmas Eve my family and I went out to dinner at Il Centro on Eagle Street Pier, looking over the River and the Storey Bridge. The whole reason we had to abandon our usual Christmas Eve dinner was due to our oven slightly blowing up earlier this year. Dinner was lovely though and we all had a wonderful night. We continued to do Christmas a day early and opened our presents that night, my big present was my keyboard and my new desk, which was a combination 18th Birthday present as well. I also got some gift cards and soap and my mum got an Elizabeth Arden makeup kit and decided that she didn’t need everything and since she knew how much I love makeup I received a few extra presents. I then spent Christmas Day with Alex and his extended family. Boxing Day was filled with sale shopping and a viewing of The Hobbit 2 which was amazing. I also went for a second round of sales shopping bound with a seeing of Frozen, which is a new favourite. I can’t decide whether I like it better than Tangled, what do you think?

Now onto my favourites (even though this whole week has been a favourite):

  1. Coastal Scents Metal Mania – I bought this ages ago and I hardly used it, until Christmas Eve and I created this really nice smokey eye, which I hope to do a tutorial on soon. 
  2. Simple Song – The Shins – This has been one of my favourite songs this week along with The Draw – Bastille
  3. Christmas Eve Dinner – I didn’t get any photos of the actual dinner because I was to busy eating it, but I got duck with panna cotta, roasted potatoes and for dessert, chocolate mousse and gelato. I also had a Singapore Sling which is one of my favourite cocktails.
  4. My Favourite Christmas Present – As I said before, my mum got a handful of Elizabeth Arden products and she was lovely enough the lipsticks among the three of us. I got the one called Tulip and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s my first really high end lipstick, other than MAC. 
What have you been loving this week? I’d love to hear your thoughts:)

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