Before and After – Job Interview

I love seeing posts like these around the internet and I think they emphasize the magic of makeup 🙂 This look is very simple hence why it’s not a face of the day. I was heading off to my job interview that happened this afternoon and I must say, it went particularly well and I’m fairly certain I’m gonna get it.

Do you like posts like these? I’d love to hear your comments 🙂


The #2014BloggerChallenge

Hello Lovelies,

I have some more exciting news, I’m going to be apart of the 2014 Blogger Challenge! Now I had to read a little while hearing about this challenge because initially I thought it meant to blog every single day of next year and ekkkk that’s a scary challenge to try and live up to. This challenge is more of a new year’s resolution that Gaby from Another Girly Blog created up and she explains the post and lists all the other amazing participants over here.

The general gist of is to write a blog post twice a month on different topics, which get emailed to the participants and go live on the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. I really excited to expand my topic range and broaden my blog up. Also getting to check out the huge amount of other bloggers is so much fun. I working myself down the participant list and trying to follow everyone. I have a feeling that this challenge will be a wonderful way to find new bloggers and blogs.

Anyone can get involved, not just beauty bloggers! If you want to get involved is email Gaby ( your blog URL, email and name so she can add you to the list of participants. The sign up closes on the 9th of December, because that’s when the first topic gets sent out.

Can’t wait to get into the new year and see everyone else’s posts! Are you going to get involved?

Essence Sun Club Bronzer Review and Swatch

 In the last couple of months I’ve been semi addicted to trying out as many essence products as possible, since they are very inexpensive and so far I’ve been quite impressed with the quality. I’d heard a few good reviews on this bronzer and since summer was nearing when I bought this (featured in this haul time) I took the very tiny leap in purchasing it and giving it a go.

My first impressions were quite good but after using it for a week or so I noticed a few drawbacks to this product. In my opinion, that shade is a little too orange for me and doesn’t go that well with my complexion. I have cool undertones and since this bronzer emphasizes the warm tones, it really just sit well.

That would have to be my only drawback and that has nothing to do with the actual product quality. I found the actual quality to be great. The packaging is simple and clean, would be better with a mirror but for such an inexpensive product, I’m not complaining. I would have to say my favourite thing about this bronzer is that it is scented and smells like coconuts. It may be a bit strong for some people, but personally i love the smell. As you can see in the swatch above the pigmentation isn’t too bad and as the packaging suggests it would be a very lovely soft bronzer for lighter skin tones.

Overall I would give this product a 3.5/5

Have you tried many Essence products? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

The #Bigblogmasproject

Hello all my lovely readers, I have some exciting news for you. Since I did the September Beauty Blog Challenge, where i blogged everyday, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to do something similar. I saw the big blogmas project floating through my blog roll and immediately decided I needed to be apart of this incredibly exciting project.

The general concept is that between December 1st to 24th there will be a blog everyday (hopefully hehe :D). From what I’ve seen from the other lovely bloggers participating I don’t think they have to be Christmas themed, but I plan on incorporating my favourite holiday of the year into a handful on the posts.

I’m so excited to get started this sunday it’s gonna be a blast and I would love for you to check out some of the other amazing bloggers that are taking part. I’ve linked them all below. Also to stay up to date with all the post and the general discussions there is a hashtag on twitter and my twitter username is kaitlynisabel.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming Christmas season 🙂

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses by ohhkaye featuring an orange dress

So with summer coming up so quickly, I thought it would be a good idea to highlight my favourite summer clothing item; Summer Dresses. I was never really a dressy person, always staying in my shorts and pants, but in recent years I’ve embraced my femininity and started building my collection and hope to expand the amount I own in this coming summer. After a small search on the internet in my down time today, I found these dresses and thought to show them since I love these colors and a particular favourite of mine is the coral shade. Another favourite of mine for summer dresses are floral patterns but I know they are not for everyone.

I hope to start doing a few more fashiony style posts and have a few ideas lined up for summer and Christmas. My clothing and accesories collection is quite small but my ideas are quite the opposite and I would love to share with you my loves and inspirations in regards to fashion and styling.

What is your favourite piece of clothing for summer? I’d love to hear your comments

How To: Groom/Tidy Your Eyebrows

Some may say I’m blessed with a nice set of full brows, but there is one major downside to this blessing, and that is they require a very strict routine to keep them in line. I went onto the internet and watched many tutorials in the beginning and how glad was I! After only a few I heard of a million horror stories of over plucking and getting them waxed into weird shapes. So I’ve combined a handful of techniques and tricks I found and I’ve heard shared around my girlfriends and I hope this tutorial will be a decent guide for anyone who is new to grooming their eyebrows. This is how I personally do them and I think this a pretty decent way to ensure that you don’t over pluck and that you stay within the natural curve of your eyebrows.

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of decent tweezers
  • Nail scissors (preferably the curved ones, they work best!)
  • Spooly Brush (the one shaped like a christmas tree)
  • A white eyeliner (Optional)
  • and of course…..a pair of unruly eyebrows.

 So here are my untouched eyebrows and since I’ve been so busy the last two weeks, they’ve been left to go unruly, which is kinda perfect for tutorial purposes.

Taking the spooly brush give your eyebrows a quick brush through and then push the eyebrow hairs upwards to see if they need to be trimmed. As you can see in the image above I had a substantial amount of hair to trim, since mine tend to grow long as well.

With those hair pushed up take the nail scissors and trim the hairs to the natural height of your eyebrow. The key with eyebrows is to keep them as close to their natural state as possible and just tidy.

If you’re new to doing your eyebrows then using a white eyeliner is a good idea. The trick to it is to trace around the bulk/natural area of your eyebrow and go from there. By tracing with the eyeliner is shows clearly what hairs need to be removed and gives simple direction for when you start plucking.

Once you’ve traced around, take your tweezers and focus on a single hair that you want to remove. You may need to get super close to your mirror or use a compact mirror. Place the open tweezers at the base of the hair then clamp and pull. If the pain is too much you could ice the area before hand to numb the skin. Also if it’s your first time, the sensation might be a bit surprising but it does get less intense the more times you’ve done it. Now just pluck the stray hairs that are covered by the eyeliner and that are outside it.

The area around your eyebrow may be a tad red and sore after but that fades soon after and is perfectly normal. All done!

How helpful did you find this tutorial? If you’re more experience, how do you do your
eyebrows? I would love to hear your comments 🙂

What I’ve Been Reading

 I can’t quite pinpoint the spark in my reading habits, it could be the extra rain slash the start of storm season, or the fact that uni is over and done with and I feel obliged to get back on track or lastly, that my sister is the biggest reader that I’ve ever met and has been hounding me to read more forever. I thought I would share with you the last three books that I’ve read and give a small little review on each of them.

Carrie by Stephen King
Firstly, I can’t stress how many Stephen King books my sister owns and since it was getting close to Halloween when I picked this up, I asked her which one wasn’t too big and was still kinda creepy. She immediately suggested Carrie and I thought it would be a great idea to read, since the re-imaging of the film is being released soon and I really would like to see it.

The book itself was amazing, and I was enthralled by both Carrie’s powers and behaviors and the reactions of her mother and fellow school-goers. Her mother’s strict religious beliefs and the fact that it had such a negative influence on Carrie was both wonderful and dreadfully terrifying to read.

I give it a 4/5, this is mainly because of the length, It was quite short and I felt that even though the story and it’s characters were brilliant, there wasn’t enough to pump it up to 5.

Transmetropolitan Vol 1: Back on the Street
I’m fully aware that some people don’t classify graphic novels as books, but technically I have been reading this and well, I really liked it and wanted to share that with you.

The general concept is easy to get with, A famous writer who had retreated to the mountains is forced to join society to finish an unfinished book contract. In order to finish these books he must obtain a job and residency and thus gets a job as a column writer. All seems good for the protagonist, except I didn’t mention, it’s set far beyond the perimiters of what science fiction predicts. There’s crazy religions, drugs, alien transcients and well just a whole lot of crazy stuff.

I gave this one a 4/5 😀

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman
Heads up, Neil Gaiman is my favourite author and this year I’ve been positively addicted to his books and will continue to be enthralled by his work. I ordered this one a while back and it’s been tempting me with it’s gorgeous cover for awhile. I decided to pick it up the other day and read a little… yeah, I finished the whole book in nearly one sitting! That was such a big deal for me since I’m normally such a slow reader but I suppose since this book crosses the line between young adult and childrens book, the language was a little easier to read.

The story is about a young boy, Nobody Owens who is adopted by a graveyard full of ghosts after the murder of his family. It follows his journey of growing up and being raised by the deceased residents of the graveyard.

5/5 anytime! I was completely in love with this book from the moment I started to read, constructed perfectly and absolutely gorgeous story about the importance of life and family.

So what have you been reading? I’d love to hear your comments!