Life Update – #2 – My 18th Birthday

BirthdayMy 18th was the one thing I’ve been most excited about all year, not just because I can now vote or that I can purchase and consume alcohol, but because of the symbolic importance of this “coming-of-age”. I have been planning the day for a few months alongside my mum and my twin sister (who’s birthday was also yesterday, go figure) and we had picked out a restaurant and placed our requests for a cake or in our case, a cheesecake.

The day was jam-packed with social meetings, more so for me than my sister who unfortunately had to spend her night studying for an exam the following morning and had to postpone her party till tonight. First off we dropped my brother at school and it was kinda sad that he couldn’t have the day off but it was really lovely to spend the day with just the girls. Making our way from his school we stopped by Roberto’s Cheesecakes in Springwood and if you’ve never heard of them, well, there’s not enough words to describe how heavenly these cheesecakes are. Myself, personally had been wanting the caramel one for a really long time but it was a little pricey so mum always protested until yesterday. Since my sister isn’t a big fan of caramel we ordered a half passion fruit and half caramel cheesecake, as pictured above.  Now the three of us weren’t going to just go back home an eat cheesecake, no no no, we drove over to my grandma’s, who was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the cheesecakes. It was so lovely to spend some time with my grandma and I’m not sure how the VMAs came into topic but her reaction to Miley Cyrus was priceless.

After the heavenly divine cheesecakes and coffee we drove over to Southbank for lunch at Aquitaine, a little french restaurant on the river. We had got there a little early but the restaurant staff were fine with letting us get settled in. After staring at the menu for at least 20 mins we finally ordered, I got a salmon pizza with pomme frites (fries), complementary wine and it was gorgeous. Everything was perfect. The weather, the people, the food.

When lunch ended it officially became “my” birthday and not “our” birthday, and i started to meet up with my friends to begin our nighttime adventures. Now I’ll keep this sweet, so I met up with two of my male friends in the city at roughly 2pm and then we just chilled in the city as I worked off lunch. At around four we went and bought some drinks and headed to Katie’s place for the pre-party. When we got there we just chatted and ate chocolate and I also convince Katie’s roommate, Caitlyn to come out with us that night, which she did and enjoyed thoroughly. People arrived at the pre-party and as it neared seven we had some dinner then met up with everyone else in the city. We basked in the excitement of Queen Street on a Friday night and watched a magician and took our time to walk to the Port Office Hotel, where we started drinking. Later in the night we decided to go dancing and moved over to The Exchange Hotel and we stayed there for the rest of the night, until about 1am when my mum picked Josh and I up. I intelligently stayed up a little later to drink a water bottle and as i did so, introduced Ferris Bueller to Josh (I couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it).

The day and night was more than I could ever ask for and I cannot thank my friends enough for giving me the best present of all, which was their company. I will love that night for the rest of my life and I doubt I will ever forget it and the people I spent it with.


The Skincare Tag


1. Philosophy Purity Cleanser 2. Nivea Moisturizer with Jojoba Oil 3. Origins Checks and Balances Face Wash 4. Clinique Anti-Blemish Toner 5. Nivea Visage Daily Scrub for Normal to Combination Skin 6. Yes to Cucumbers Daily Moisturizer (LOVE LOVE LOVE) 7. Nivea Cleansing Mousse for Dry and Sensitive Skin

I was so excited to do this tag when I was tagged by the wonderful and beautiful Kate Flint from The Minted Beauty. I’ve seen a few of these around and was excited to get the chance to share with you some of my skincare secrets (not that any of these are really a secret) since I change everything up quite often.

Describe your skincare routine in five words…

A nightmare, wake me up!

What’s your skin type?

I have combination skin with oiliness being around my cheeks, chin and forehead and then I have extremely dry and sensitive T-zone. Yes it’s a problem :O

What’s your favourite skincare product?

At the moment without a doubt I would have to say the Yes to Cucumbers Moisturizer. Like holy shit I love this product, and I am aware a lot of other people do but for me I have just never been more in love. I know some people don’t particularly love the smell of cucumbers but I find it really refreshing and just love applying it.

Top blemish zapper?

Don’t really have one. When I was dealing with acne I went to the doctor and the only thing that helped was a medicated cream which I can’t remember the name of for the life of me. When I get blemishes now, I just get really vigilant with cleaning my face.

Face wipes, yay or nay?

YAY! I start off my routine with this everyday just to make sure all my makeup is removed and plus they are a great refreshing fix. I love using the simple brand ones (pictured above) they are really nice on my skin.

Toner, yay or nay?

I only use toner when my skin becomes particularly oily or I am having really bad breakouts, I just don’t feel that it is necessary for my everyday routine, but I do love the Clinique Anti-blemish one.

High end skincare or high end makeup?

Probably high end makeup, it really is just that much better and well I love Nivea products and will almost always pick them over high end skincare that does basically the same thing for something double or triple the price.

What’s the most unusual skincare product you’ve tried?

I’ve never tried anything that weird although I did buy some of those sheet masks from Singapore, the ones that attach to your ears as well. They are pretty amazing and I love using them.

You’re in a French pharmacy and can only pick one item – what is it?

I’ve heard a lot about Bioderma so I would probably pick up something by them, other than that I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to France so I wouldn’t know what’s on offer.

Tell us your top skincare tip.

This will relate to my fellow oily skin folks and that is, find a moisturizer for you! I know it doesn’t make sense to moisturize what is already oily but when I found the Nivea moisturizer (pictured above) it helped a tonne with the overall feel and healthiness of my skin. Try a few out, don’t just give up, it will help so much. And remove your makeup hehe 🙂

Now I Tag….



Alyshea Surani

August Wishlist

August Wishlist

  1. MAC Prolongwear Concealer in NW20 – $32.00
  2. Lime Crime Eye Shadow Helper – $20.00
  3. Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Geradium – $15.99
  4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer – $51.00
  5. Yes to Cucumbers Eye Gel -$23.99

Now I probably won’t be able to purchase any of these items since I’m on a very tight uni life budget but these are the things I had continually on my mind with the intent to purchase for the past month.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder – First Impression

Revlon Nearly Naked

This starts off a little sad since the main reason I was even looking for a new foundation is because I’m nearly finished with my bottle of Revlon Colorstay which as you all know, is amazing and I absolutely love it. I was seriously just going into Priceline to get a refill but their new foundation and powder combination caught my eye. One, because they had a special to get both items for $30 which is crazy since each product retails for about $26 each so I was stoked and jumped at the purchased and two, because from all previous experience with Revlon foundations, I was fairly certain that I would like their new line.

With every makeup purchase comes a makeup promise and with Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation and powder there is no exception. Revlon’s byline for this foundation is:

“Makeup so refreshingly light, it melts right in, creating a fresh even look. So the only one that knows you are wearing makeup is you. Blends seamlessly, buildable coverage.”

Alongside the ad campaign featuring Emma Stone, I was drawn in and their promise of a ‘nearly naked’ finish that is also buildable.

When I met inside Priceline with the product line I was firstly impressed with the very helpful color wheel that accompanied the display as well as readily available and well labeled testers. I also pulled out my phone and went on their site to ensure that I picked up the right shade, which happens to be 130 Shell for the foundation and 010 Fair for the powder.

In regards to the packaging, I think that the simplistic design is great and very appealing to the eye but I must say that I am quite disappointed that there is no pump included but I suppose with such a lightweight formula is might’ve been hard to include it. The powder’s packaging is a little big for my taste since I do like putting my powders in my purse when I’m on the go but it is very consistent with the foundation is staying simplistic and nice on the eye. My only bad thing to say in regards to the packaging of the powder is the little powder puff that’s included has kind sharp edges, so learn from my experience, only press down, don’t swipe underneath your eyes.

Today was the first time I used both products separately and together and I feel that I’m just going to fall head over heals for this one just as I did with Colorstay. The coverage is medium to light but definitely buildable and from the small amount I poured onto my hand (about 10-20 cent coin size) I felt that I got adequate coverage. Paired with the powder, everything just came together and it added a sense of being polished but at the same time flawless. I didn’t find it cakey at all but I suppose on the amount of product you use that might change. I have oily/combination skin and I felt that at the same time is was controlling the oils it wasn’t bringing out any of my dry patches.

In my opinion, this foundation and powder combination is perfect for people that want light to medium coverage that would be perfect for everyday work/school wear.

Foundation Routine

Foundation Routine

Thought I tell you how I do my face routine everyday since I’m about to try and change it up, since I’m running out of my Revlon Colorstay. This routine is kinda a neverfail in my opinion there is so much coverage but yet I don’t look cakey and with the weather the way it is here, I find it super wearable.

Here’s some more info on how I do it:

1. Prime – Spray Mac Fix+ 3-4 times evenly around face and then warm with hands.

2. Pump some foundation on the back of your hand. Roughly a 20c coin amount.

3. I personally use a stippling brush but whatever works for you is fine. Dip your brush into the foundation and dot around the face.

4. Blend into the face and down the neck, also behind the ears a little especially if you are doing an updo.

5. Grab your concealer. What I’ve done here is put it under my eyes in a triangle formation and then blended with a foundation brush, I then went and dotted it on any blemishes and blended with my ring finger.

6. To finish grab your favourite powder, Mine is Rimmel Stay Matte (if you couldn’t tell by the massive pan feature in the picture above) and spread a small amount evenly across the face with a large powder brush or kabuki.


Haul Time with Swatches


If you didn’t already know my 18th birthday is next week and boy, am I pumped and since I’ve never been out on the town before, I made it a clear excuse to do a little bit of last minute shopping. I’d already bought my dress and sorted out my outfit which I should hopefully have an OOTD for on the actual day and then realised that I was wearing all black and only owned one clutch, which was also black. Another excuse to go spend my money. So I headed around and found this one here at Miss Shop in Myer for $40. The picture above makes it look yellow but it’s actual a light pink, as pictured below. It is actually quite large but I really like it and think I’ll get heaps of use out of it. Also the handle is detachable  🙂

IMG_0194 IMG_0195
Also another fact about me which says quite a bit. I plan everything. I had my dress picked out and ordered over a month ago. My mum, sister and I booked the restaurant for lunch nearly two months ago. And now that I had checked off everything major detail wise, like where I was going, who with etc, i went even further into detail and started experimenting with what I wanted to do for my makeup. I watched this video by TheBeautyVault on YouTube and decided to pick up the two major shades she had in the look since they are fairly inexpensive as well as a white eye liner by Essence since I don’t own one. I want to try and do my own version of her look. The shades I picked up were Shrimp Me Up which is the coral shade and Dance All Night which is the shimmering gold shade. Here are some swatches.

IMG_0197 IMG_0201 IMG_0205

Well this turned into more of a personal blog than a haul but non the less those are the things I picked up in preparation for my birthday next week, and life in general.

Vera Wang Rock Princess Perfume


Just as I was looking over my past couple posts I realized I hadn’t mentioned any perfumes and to be honest, I’m a little obsessed to beautiful fragrances and thought I share with you one of my favourites. This beauty right here isn’t a new one for me, I purchased it a little over two years ago, but because of it’s incredibly scent i tend not to wear it on an everyday and save it for the special occasions. In regards to the scent, I love it, I am hopeless at describing scents but when I spritz it on my body I have to admit I feel a tad regal. Look at that packaging. It’s gorgeous. I just love that little crown on the top of the bottle. That there is the 100ml bottle which I’m fairly certain is the largest size and I’m glad that I forked out the money for the larger size because it will last for quite some time and definitely add that royal touch to special occasions.