Reasons Why I’m A Fail

Well there’s quite a few, but let me hone in one particular reason.

I can’t seem to walk properly. Gravity and I have this exclusive relationship, it’s just too attracted to me. I think we should take a break.

So, there have been many, many times where for no apparent reason, I’ve fallen over and hurt myself. The most recent happened about two weeks ago. Just stating, 7am is too early to catch a bus in the first place, but well I do like going to uni, so I have to deal with the early starts.

As most of you know, to get onto a bus you need to step up onto the bus, and in my early morning haziness my brain and coordination just left me completely. So as I was stepping onto the bus, one foot did it right. The other you ask? Not so much.

I went free falling, hands flapping towards the bus driver, in front of the many judging eyes staring onto the commotion.

Clambering my way back up to my feet. I apologised to the bus driver, who was very nice and did not laugh at me. After I got to my usual seat on the bus I admired the bruised nail and shin and well since my injuries weren’t bad, I had a little giggle to myself. Because to be honest, it was funny. Who wouldn’t want to watch a dorky, tall girl fall face first at 7am in the morning. I swear I must have made someone’s day.

I think it’s really important that when I realize what a fail I am, that I just laugh it off.

Till Next Time